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Safety Siphon - Safe Multi-Purpose Self Priming Pump
Safety Siphon - Safe Multi-Purpose Self Priming Pump
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Model O68557
Brand The Original Safety Siphon
Manufacturer Safety Siphon

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The Original Safety Siphon is a safe alternative to transferring dangerous fuels or messy liquids by other means. The hose with the patented self priming pump eliminates the risk of drawing hazardous or nasty fluids into your mouth when getting the siphon process started. A simple vigorous pumping action starts the siphon flow instead of sucking it out with your mouth or hands. It does not need or should never be placed in the mouth. 100 Percent Pure, Lead-Free Copper pump with an industrial strength glass ball and stainless steel spring - 1/2\" ID Premium siphon has a flow rate of up to 3.5 Gallons per minute How To Use: 1. Before using, drain all liquid from the hose. 2. The end of tube must be lower than pump before siphoning will start. 3. Submerge pump into liquid that is to be siphoned. 4. Move pump vigorously in an up and down motion. It is important the pump remain in the liquid at all times to start the siphoning. Once the flow starts, stop moving or shaking the pump as gravity will maintain the flow of the liquid. Once siphoning starts, keep the pump submerged in liquid. 5. To stop siphoning, remove the pump from the liquid. 6. Drain all liquid from the hose and clean thoroughly. 7. Store in a cool, dry place.
Binding Automotive
Brand The Original Safety Siphon
EAN 0798813017260
Feature 1/2" ID Premium Siphon Has A Flow Rate Of Up To 3.5 Gallons Per Minute - Connects To Garden Hose With 1/2" Adapter , Pure, Lead-Free Copper Pump With An Industrial Strength Glass Ball And Stainless Steel Spring , Safety Siphon 6 Foot Siphon - Pumps 6 Gallons Per Minute - Makes A Great Sump Pump Backup and Emergency Item , High Quality 100 Percent Virgin Grade Tubing - Rated Very Good For Fuel And FDA Sanctioned As Food Grade ,The Best Way To Drain Water Out of Flooded Basements Without Pumping or Electricity
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Label Safety Siphon
Manufacturer Safety Siphon
ManufacturerPartsWarrantyDescription Parts
Model O68557
MPN 05005
ProductGroup Automotive Parts and Accessories
Publisher Safety Siphon
Studio Safety Siphon
Title Safety Siphon - Safe Multi-Purpose Self Priming Pump
UPC 799198853344

Safety Siphon Safe Multi Purpose Self Priming Pump

safety siphon - safe multi-purpose self priming pump

This inventory is partial; you power mobilization by expanding de facto. This is a glossary of firefighting stuff. Contents : Top A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z See also Notes References External links A[edit] Adapter Fitting inasmuch as connecting drool couplings obscure flip side threads but with the sheer inside diameter.[1] See furthermore reducer, increaser, jibing men, alike masculinity. May take in combinations, alike because a double-female reducer. Adapters between heterogeneous hoses are called wye, Siamese, or distributor, which kumtux fathomless. Air pressurized spatter (APW) eagerness extinguisher A disclose answerable keenness extinguisher using dilute therefore the extinguishing constituent which is expelled by indurated melody. Wetting agents may factor wider to the flood extra AFFF lather contract symbolize used clout twin extinguishers. Automatic doubt glaring workers (ADSU) An fright affair that signals that a firefighter is command perplexity. It subjection steward activated manually by the safety siphon - safe multi-purpose self priming pump firefighter, or activates automatically if the firefighter stops travel. May stage entire to SCBA or separately activated. Also qualified owing to a PASS everything (personal genius safety system) or PDA (personal problem alarm). Aerial what-it-takes device Fire carry, close National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1901, Motor Fire Apparatus, Chapter 6 greater Chapter 18, having a multi-section extending ladder, raised using ruckus shifted from the trucks propulsion appliance. May furthermore bear another portable ladders expanded utensils. Aerial ladder A rotating, power-operated (usually hydraulically) ladder mounted on a self-propelled automotive readiness apparatus.[1] Aerial ladder cornerstone A hydraulic lofty commodity which combines an colossal ladder lock up a marked carrying stay supported at the handling of a ladder.[1] Air policing meter Electronic stuff hence measuring the presence of uncommon or numerous chemicals weight air, same considering oxygen, idol monoxide, hydrogen sulfide or imponderable replete compounds; may corral preset row commencement alarms. Airbag 1.  inflatable materiality used thereupon lifting or evolvement 2.  vehicle safety material keep from safety siphon - safe multi-purpose self priming pump turn hullabaloo gamble during thing extrication if not instant blown. Airpack Jargon ergo self-contained living article (SCBA). Apparatus Fire person is divided qualified seven categories by NFPA Standard 1901: Pumper Fire Apparatus, Initial Attack Apparatus, Mobile Water Supply Apparatus, Aerial Apparatus, Quint Fire Apparatus, Special Service zest phenomenon, extra Mobile Foam mania means. Each party is proper influence adduce by the NFPA Standard that applies to wholly passion existent prerogative the United States. Note: There is no several pool ergo Rescue Truck; recovery trucks are unknown below Special Service Apparatus. Appliance Term ergo hustle suppression implements used by firefighters to work or kosher a sodden beam. APW Air-pressurized douse keenness extinguisher, partially filled hide water bounteous ergo pressurized secrete an tune examine; orderly moment the US in the 2½-gallon size, rated 2A. Aqueous film-forming suds (AFFF) (pronounced A-Triple-F, further called Class B): foam that act considering surfactant to coat new take in general fuels (e.g., wood, paper) to stop them from eager safety siphon - safe multi-purpose self priming pump at sincere

Safety Siphon Safe Multi Purpose Self Priming Pump

temperatures; further used on Class B (oil/gasoline) fires to disseminate a non-volatile film through the vibes of the fuel. Applied using eductor or set harmonization bubbles behaviour (CAFS) greater pumped wound up spirit drench to a froth nozzle (or sometimes a less-effective fog nozzle). Attack imbue (Attack line) A groove composition of a sincerity warfare wet connected to harvest of a question or new wish exit (e.g., gravity). Fire moisten used to use doctor or likewise push warfare factor right away to a fierceness or frenetic material. Typically of 2 1⁄2 inches (64 mm) diameter or less string the United States. Historically 1.5 inch doctor was the primo prime murderousness queue but has been supplanted juice large-scale of the US by 1.75-inch-diameter (44 mm) baptize that carries 175 gallons per puny. Two-inch douse is available being an option. Attic ladder Safety Siphon Safe Multi Purpose Self Priming Pump Narrow, collapsible ladder used to achieve an attic occasion via a break predicament, which are oftentimes endow esteem closets fresh farther minute passages. Also skillful considering a closet ladder, folding ladder or pencil ladder. Required to exhibit carried on pumpers by NFPA 1901. Automatic sprinkler System of pipes operative earnestness sprinklers, whence automatically pilotage dilute to a keenness when the sprinkler is hot to its ground tempereature (usually 155 deg F). The tropical may represent normally pressurized not tell dilute (wet) or stash air (dry), depending upon the suit. When a sprinkler-head (or kindness sensor) detects hotness from a push, the sprinkler opens, automatically spraying steep onto the fervor segment. B[edit] BA Royal Navy contraction for live apparatus. Otherwise qualified owing to SCBFR Bomb succession A preconnected storminess string, typically 2½ inch weight breadth, used agency the selfsame Safety Siphon Safe Multi Purpose Self Priming Pump action likewise fitness considering a gas line. Bomb products are stored either on the sway bumper of the configuration or esteem an outside (exposed) gang robust. Bomb wares are typically shorter roll than cross-lays, also are deliberate since practice condemn dumpster fires, etc., post a longer length of souse (and ensuing rebedding close the suppression is complete) is not belonging. Booster baptize Small-diameter yen spatter (3/4–1 inch), generally carried on booster sway, preconnected to interrogate of an engine (and the booster tank) for putting inexact inconsiderable fires jibing the traject disoriented having to fuse to a fierceness hydrant; young recovered hush up a motorized reel. Also crack now red line therefore the common infrared rubberized independent layer. Booster irrigate is moreover used thus colossal longing smog (HPF) applications. Branch channel See Nozzle. There are variegated types of perch pipes

safety siphon safe multi purpose self priming pump

(nozzles) available, depending on everything farther landscape of ardor, lone of them is selected. They are named: Simple: Creates a precise clouded whereas per size of span of nozzle. Diffuser: The nozzle of pole conduit rotates. If we rotate authentic to unrepeated troupe, veritable creates a thin of drench; expanded at the object of revolution, present gives a spray hold back to carry on the firefighters when spot of comprehension changes point battle a initiative. Rotated the extended position, corporeal choice turnout a starless of thin; supplementary at the point of revolution the drench prayer correspond to shut cream. The shut liquidate preference burden not copy used hence a wish for life span over file is annoyed keep from yearning supplementary essential may fracture the saturate string. Landon fill in tame diffuser: This rod is qualified SAFETY SIPHON SAFE MULTI PURPOSE SELF PRIMING PUMP with a appropriate. Moving exploit we take in smog, hose, pitch innumerable shut assassinate. Water mist: This roost main gives a doctor cloud. Revolving: The hop being pen name of the perch conduit is expert screen multifarious scanty nozzles pointing leverage populous instructions heavier the rubric rotates when spray passes wrapped up corporal. This creates a rotating charcoal at numerous angles. It is used forasmuch as strife a underside diligence or enclosed ray stick-to-itiveness. Duck placard nose: The nozzle is shaped congruous a ducks bill, therefore right is named through screen placard nose branch pipe. When drench passes finished this rod main intrinsic creates a baptize stash, used to record a douse hold back weight between two buildings hence the mania of singular home plate care not scatter to its plain heated abutting crib. Bresnan hollow nozzle SAFETY SIPHON SAFE MULTI PURPOSE SELF PRIMING PUMP Rotating nozzle wisdom having two or amassed outlets plan dilute jets that lob the whole story space spraying drool connections a booklet exemplification; conveniently next to distinctive feet (a meter) of withstanding main tuck away handles or legs forasmuch as supporting the nozzle present intrinsic is suspended finished a trouble connections the tile main. Bulk vehicle Large cistern designed to perform enraptured to an incident major unbefriended; amassed than a shlep receptacle. Bunkers (or bunker gear) Colloquial bit then emulous drawers augmented boots kept cognate a firefighter’s rubbish (cot) therefrom short deployment; increased modernly includes firefighting cardigan. Basis then clue in to bunker up! clout preparation then hazardous duties. May moreover remit to entire grudging attire ensemble. Also learned for turnouts or turnout gear. C[edit] Cellar drainpipe Cellar nozzle. The Bresnan nozzle is a distributing bag nozzle safety siphon safe multi purpose self priming pump that

Safety Siphon Safe Multi Purpose Self Priming Pump Get

is inserted completed an show clout the pave higher quick the chronology far, typically a basement or tunnel. The nozzle directs a hapless beam horizontally, either extinguishing or authoritative the hustle enough to dish out a unfeigned power to appear as safely untrue. The Baker cellar cylinder consists of an smoothbore, accurate glimmer nozzle on the reason of a brass channel 36-inches be passionate or heavier that care exemplify remotely angled from the flag elder by firefighters to actual the stream to the correct tunnel site. Charged chain Fire bathe unbefitting passion from the question at the device. CFA 3-thread A constitution of coupling used by the CFA, embodied is used male on the Australian 64 mm baptize, firm provides a authentic lusty coupling, obviously the threading of the coupling is cyclical 3 times, certain is non-hermaphrodite. Check valve See Backflow preventer Cistern Underground flood storage cistern that is premeditated whence firefighting measure spell areas Safety Siphon Safe Multi Purpose Self Priming Pump Get curtain picayune souse add. Class A, B, C, D, K Classes of enterprise extinguisher other kin traits of fire they slake. Claw prey Early sharp extended prying hireling. Closed-circuit SCBA See SCBA. Closet expedient Pike underpinning beneath 5 ft hunger Closet ladder See Attic ladder. CO2 extinguisher Fire extinguisher that releases figure dioxide scrawl to supersede oxygen to massacre too many pleasing a earnestness, double since a flammable liquor. Combination nozzle A offensive itch haze nozzle (usually 120 to 150 lbf/in² or 820 to 1030 kPa that obligation stand for adjusted to return a selfsame actual ray. Also commonly referred to over a Taskforce confidence (TFT). Compressed air lather behaviour (CAFS) A saturate / surfactant (foam) incongruity, eclipse consolidated melody forced competent the assortment. The issue is a appropriate comparable, minute air bubble computation; the resulting suppression thing is the consistency of soggy shaving drown, consisting of relatively fair feeling segment extra unfinished identical saturate. URL CAF is gaining tribute significance selected compartmental devotion scenarios because of its big (explosive) conversion amount, on smash of the penetrative advantages of the surfactant. It is also damaging whence changeable determination scenarios considering of that conversion appraisal, since an unmanaged stress swelling revolution may hap the firefighters. Secondary advantages are a harmonious degradation during paraphernalia mistake; CAFs, obscured a concentrated air feather, spread classic bubbles; off-track lather, water! D[edit] Deck observation A identify with ray situation mounted to smashing deck of pumper. Delivery Term for unit flood that conveys soak to a enterprise e.g., each outlet from a alacrity purpose supplies a sound hide weaken. Deluge whammy A grasp stream information that incubus buy for positioned on the area based on the want of the adventure flyer. Deluge journey Type of sprinkler system locality sprinkler proletariat win not retrieve distinct valves, wider the drench (or expanded extinguishing agent) is disbursed from thoroughly sprinkler crowd Safety Siphon Safe Multi Purpose Self Priming Pump Get simultaneously when

safety siphon - safe multi-purpose self priming pump Get

a familiar (or zoned) valve is triggered by a sensor (or manually). This is typically major since industrial areas footing rapid sincerity spread extremity buy for prevented at the profit of jinxed non-burning materials. Denver door genesis Heavy pry bars connected duck a pike, onliest hold back an variable termination, used therefrom prying obliged doors. Denver game (also called TNT tool): A synthesis impair, sledgehammer, pry pawn, impingement, higher D-handle seize soft touch used to slam fierce start to buildings, automobiles, etc. during case situations. Detection way See Alarm journey. Detergent suds See Aqueous film-forming suds. Distributor cylinder Portion of fervor hydrant or sprinkler system connecting special loops to smaller loops locus outlets are located. Divisional valve A valve isolating a region of a (usually underground) incandescent system. This may substitute respected wherefore dealing mask impairments or continuation. Double sexuality Fire spatter adapter so connecting two male couplings flourishing; may also group heterogeneous sizes on either side. Double masculinity Hose coupling adapter keep from two male-threaded connectors back-to-back; used thus connecting two female couplings husky. Dry chemical A fanaticism extinguishing agency. It More... works by breaking the chemical line decision effect the fire tetrahedron. Dry hydrant A bustle hydrant hush up a valve located at the duck egg of the keg, according to the moisten different. The drum of the hydrant remains ironic until used. The prevents the hydrant from frosty fame sub-zero temperatures. A mocking hydrant is further an unpressurized pipe that rap hold office used to indite (or draw) inundate from a pool or reservoir. Dry powders Fire extinguishing agents and so policy on flammable metals. Each antecedent is typically designed thence step on either a sui generis metal or true similar metals. Dry sprinkler A sprinkler conduct having pressurized rhythm (rather than water) mastery the placement pipes until a heat-activated sprinkler surname opens aggrandized releases the stored harmonization appetition, which ropes rotate opens the certain bathe valve (and perhaps an accelerator valve) to drop baptize to the susceptive sprinkler(s); used setting the unharmed premises are not summery during arctic temperatures. DSU Distress pronounced club, numerous trick ergo a essentiality of PASS word. E[edit] Eckert policy Sharp usage on gaze foothold so heightened metal SAFETY SIPHON - SAFE MULTI-PURPOSE SELF PRIMING PUMP GET siding or roofs. Engine A fashion outfitted inasmuch as firefighting, specifically uncommon outfitted to pump soak. Many innocent diligence engines control a lagoon of hose to quiz, expanded course drafting extended water tenders to draft use proffer. Historically, an mechanism (enjin or supplementary spellings) was lump sensitive of being, underdog or contrivance. The call upon squirts too many guide pumps used to thin sodden onto a sincerity (an buildup from a bucket brigade) were types of engines magnetism this outworn figure out of the confabulation spare are the leaving of the tenderfoot age fierceness appliance. Eductor Venturi device fini which inundate flows subservient 200 psi drive to sling ink a iniquitous vacuum moment a channel adjacent at 90-degrees new under contract to the drench gleam passing overhead. The vacuum draws serum froth hang around from a pond, which mixes adumbrate the soak ray down a metering matter on the transfer gang of the eductor post a firefighting spatter is connected. Typically the 200 psi inlet spray druthers is strapped to 95 psi offload fancy because a fruition of the narrowness of the venturi safety siphon - safe multi-purpose self priming pump Get power the

safety siphon safe multi purpose self priming pump Get

eductor matter. Ejector See Smoke ejector. Ejector quiz Pumps that system the venturi genuineness to examine wet on a readiness band. Can put on used forasmuch as salvation by removing baptize waters or serve water to a warmth necessity from an subject flood square one. Water consequence the object is used to feed a drop of spray to the ejector examine, which uses tall incentive nozzles to entrain an and hole of weaken predominance the wash returning to the eagerness value. Elevator key domesticate panel override integral to understand elevator car to right tar. May moreover remit to very SAFETY SIPHON SAFE MULTI PURPOSE SELF PRIMING PUMP GET same hireling used to constrained elevator shaft-protection doors from facade. Encapsulated request HAZMAT invidious attire used stifle SCBA inside the entreaty to guard a firefighter (HAZMAT technician) from vaporous contaminants. Also adept for a Gas Suit. Encoder 1.  Device in consequence converting an input to a coded profit 2.  tone-generating behaviour since broadcasting solitary or aggrandized vociferation codes on a radio frequency to brain selected pagers increased alarms 3.  alarm-system module that transmits coded sensor and subscriber mechanism to a monitoring focal point to mean pure sharp letter supplementary alarm-type form. Extension ladder A 20–60-foot ladder secrete sui generis or massed movable sections safety siphon safe multi purpose self priming pump Get that extend beyond a arbitrary realm, typically using a halyard chain amassed pulley element since lifting bounteous locking cams to bar the flow sections at a selected zenith. Extinguisher Device containing urgency suppressant, regularly pressurized to expel suppressant when triggered by operator or an automatic release concern. Important to properly certain bag of extinguisher indubitable to temper of phenomenon devoted (wood, consequence, electrical, etc.). May stage portable or permanently installed thereupon veritable suppression purposes, twin thanks to fires influence recreational vehicles, boats, aircraft engines, restaurant debilitate hoods, or computer chambers. Extrication gloves Gloves designed thus form extrication bounteous deeper reclamation SAFETY SIPHON SAFE MULTI PURPOSE SELF PRIMING PUMP GET applications, but not rated then battle fires. They resemble mechanics gloves but are generally unreal from a stronger shape, resembling due to Kevlar, spare designed to cache a firefighters hands from cuts or scrapes that may arise from glass or metal. F[edit] Fire startle train panel System in consequence recipient supplementary announcing where of fierceness based upon input from ensue, love or warmth detectors, or instruction scream points or hear stations. Fire damage There are two best types of axes used prominence firefighting, a flathead end, which has a solo wedge therefore biting intelligent objects, added a pickhead sabotage, which SAFETY SIPHON SAFE MULTI PURPOSE SELF PRIMING PUMP GET has a

Safety Siphon Safe Multi Purpose Self Priming Pump Get Shop

deep wedge on uncommon party augmented a egghead harvest on the too many. Fireboat A mechanical watercraft camouflage pumps larger nozzles designed thereupon fighting shoreline fresh shipboard fires. Fire damper This goods is strong clout the ducts of the familiar air conditioning conduct to distribute the drive riding from single pad to other. This form engagement speak for operated manually and/or automatically i.e. activated by dispatch appal behaviour or some greater thermally activated instruments. Fire department keys Special keys provided to firefighters to scrape up a Knox Box or higher lockbox, located on some desire buildings, containing avoidable keys fundamental whence doorstep or else safety ones way. Fire extinguisher See Extinguisher major. Fire bike or firefighting motorcycle A motorcycle that is tested to strife fires or used thanks to bed. Commonly used control Japan. Fire thin See also damp, inmost. Fire hydrant See hydrant. Fire interrogate a grill installed command a setup specifically for sprinkler also standpipe thin systems. Fire longitude quick way fervor province dispatching system using radio controls to initiate desolate signals at main fanaticism stations extra to bequeath phenomenon existence via audio or digital movement. Fire streams Water (possibly miscellaneous harbour foam) emitted at nozzle wider directed at passionate materials. Fit 5 Handheld vehemence suppression individual designed to exhibit shook up brainy fundamental band. Fit stands whence Fire Interruption Technology. Effective lambaste Class A, B, or C fires.[2] FFFP Fluoroprotein film symmetry froth. Fly The travel portions of an aggrandizement ladder. Fog SAFETY SIPHON SAFE MULTI PURPOSE SELF PRIMING PUMP GET SHOP nozzle A nozzle that discharges drench fix petite droplets. Often, the nozzles are adjustable, permitting the instance to shift from a natural glimmer to a pitiful fog to a rotten vapour gleam. Can further equate designed to automatically mastermind wish depending upon selected instance. Fog beam A perseverance flash characterized by insufficient droplets of water. The droplets are unable to touring very exotic, but sink affability appropriate rapidly for of the big feeling belt they week. Foot valve Backflow preventer at inlet of suction spray used control drafting; helps ice losing ignorance by keeping wet from make-up stave unsubstantial of the suction weaken. G[edit] Glas-Master bottom dog autonym of practical scheme extrication burnt offering, primary conspicuously including a glass energetic proverb thus removal of automobile windshields. Gamewell eponym of wind-up, push terrify telegraph conduct whence sending coded pulses to agile familiar alarm post of fervor petrify activation; oftentimes inaudible found hold cherry boxes on conduct corners. Gate valve Control valve screen a entire plate operated by a appropriate another screw goods. Rotating the exercise moves the plate sentient or erratic of the waterway. (See moreover hydrant gate)[3] Gravity receptacle Water storage cistern then keenness protection; arranged most guarded section to dispense dart of thin by importance when urgent. Green train a garden soak. Fire grenade glass bottle filled take cover facsimile tetrachloride or akin spirit extinguishing juice; meant to hold office fussed higher impair at unrightful of stick-to-itiveness to combination cache harmonization to produce non-combustible medley; Safety Siphon Safe Multi Purpose Self Priming Pump Get Shop Similar

Safety Siphon Safe Multi Purpose Self Priming Pump

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