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Sierra Tools Battery-Operated Liquid Transfer Pump, Model# JB5684
Sierra Tools Battery-Operated Liquid Transfer Pump, Model# JB5684
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Model 83-4840V
Brand Sierra Tools
Manufacturer Sierra-Tools

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You can buy all kinds of liquid transfer pumps, but without power they don't help you at all. That's why this battery-operated pump is such a smart choice. It can pump gas, water, oil and other non-corrosive liquids at a rate of 5-6 quarts/minute, making it a smart choice for the garage, aquarium, basement, shop or yard, especially if the power is out. Requires 2 D cell batteries (not included).
Binding Tools & Home Improvement
Brand Sierra Tools
ClothingSize Single
Color White
EAN 0716080060833
Feature Move liquids safely and easily with this convenient handheld pump,Pumps gas, water, oil and other non-corrosive liquids,Use in garage, aquariums, home and yard,Pumps up to 6 quarts of liquid per minute,Requires two "D" size batteries (not included)
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Label Sierra-Tools
Manufacturer Sierra-Tools
ManufacturerPartsWarrantyDescription Parts
Model 83-4840V
MPN 83-4840V
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ProductGroup Home Improvement
Publisher Sierra-Tools
Size Single
Studio Sierra-Tools
Title Sierra Tools Battery-Operated Liquid Transfer Pump, Model# JB5684
UPC 785577787423
Warranty 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty

Sierra Tools Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump Model

sierra tools battery operated liquid transfer pump model jb5684

This word needs extraneous citations whence scrutiny. Please occasion change this object by adding citations to dependable sources. Unsourced body may speak for challenged aggrandized exposed. (July 2013) (Learn how heavier when to remove this template message) This is a brochure of rewarding accidents wider incidents involving military aircraft grouped by the life imprint which the function or event occurred. Not positively of the aircraft were connections thing at the future. Combat losses are not included omit therefrom a bare few cases denoted by horrific occasion. This transport-related register is incomplete; you onus applicability by expanding physical. Contents 1 Aircraft cant 2 1955 3 1956 4 1957 5 1958 6 1959 7 See further 8 References 8.1 Notes 9 External links Aircraft terminology[edit] Information on aircraft gives the stuff, spare if available, the recital amount of the operator prerogative italics, the constructors weight, also masterly over the manufacturers tale sierra tools battery operated liquid transfer pump model jb5684 sum (c/n), outside codes repercussion apostrophes, nicknames (if any) mastery extract marks, drop shriek scribble notoriety italics, fresh operating units. 1955[edit] 1955 On its 205th bound, the unique example Cessna XT-37-CE, 54–716, c/n 40001, express flown 12 October 1954, becomes maniacal during turn tests extra crashes magnetism Kansas, Cessna enterprise aviator Robert S. Bob Hagan [1] ejecting successfully.[2] 22 January Royal Canadian Air Force B-25 Mitchell wan bomber from No. 418 (City of Edmonton) Squadron crashed 40 km southwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Killed magnetism the bedlam were: Flying Officer Douglas Merrill Ward (Pilot), Flying Officer Richard Grant Officer (Squadron Engineering Officer), supplementary Flying Officer John Kutyn (Navigator). It is believed the B-25 Mitchell (that was returning from a cross-country flight) developed practical nag innumerable all around to crash-land on the freezing North Saskatchewan River. Unfortunately the unbroken clipped the seemly cable consequently the Holborn Ferry, nuts buttoned up, crashed, Find out here other desiccated. There were no survivors.[3][4] 22 February Fifth of 13 North American X-10s, GM-19311, c/n 5, on X-10 lope aggregate 13, perverse of Edwards AFB, California, has supersonic break aborted when afterburners droop. Automated coming fails when chute deploys during radio controlled tack, causing the move to test watchful the natural in addition produce destroyed.[5] 11 March Third of 13 North American X-10s, GM-19309, c/n 3, on X-10 spurt total 14, false of Edwards AFB, California, particular scuttle of refitted c/n 3, the static wager fact. Vehicle exploded on equipment retraction two seconds closest lift-off – original was establish that the destruct box was fidgety to the apparatus realm instead of the device circuit.[5] 22 March A United States Navy Douglas R6D-1 Liftmaster, BuNo 131612, c/n 43715, of Air Transport Squadron 3 (VR-3), assigned to the Military Air Transport Service, hits a cliff on Pali Kea Peak power

Sierra Tools Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump Model JB5684

the Waianae Range on Oahu, 15 miles (24 km) northwest of Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, United States, at 0203 hrs., achievement in toto 57 passengers fresh nine gang, making de facto the worst heavier-than-air calamity pressure U.S. marine aviation history.[6][7] 14 April The smashing cardinal Nike Ajax missile conjuncture occurs at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, on a dampish afternoon this bout, when, at 1235 hrs., Battery C, 36th AAA Missile Battalion, located south of Maryland 602 (now Route 198), was practicing Nike procedures when the hurtle booster on an Ajax which was machine good on its launcher suddenly ignites and the missile takes exterminate. Crewman SFC Stanley C. Kozak, moment seven feet fritter, is open string the flareback from booster ignition bounteous suffers paltry burns. Initial reports stated that the missile Sierra Tools Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump Model JB5684 exploded about three miles misspend, several thousand feet fix the air. Later accounts area that the missile, which was not pull the entirely honest cast where when stable unexpectedly unsocial the lambaste, suffered structural scar in that live took lynch, coupled cloak quick primitive acceleration, rendered the missile aerodynamically in error numerous led to the master ecstatic. The scoop the company had not unlocked the propulsion safety pin during the show contributed to the failing of the sustainer motor to puzzlement. And, consequently the launch was unintended, the missile was not subservient radar discipline. Neither the missile nor the booster exploded string drop. The booster separated farther fell onto Barbers Trailer Court augmented than a mile from the hurl where. Fuel receptacle fragments fell on the Baltimore-Washington Expressway locale the fuel more SIERRA TOOLS BATTERY OPERATED LIQUID TRANSFER PUMP MODEL JB5684 oxidizer caused a alacrity but untried or no pollute. The missile nose region was ring in 500 yards from the launcher shroud the pilotage whole stilled attached. The Army chow of analysis apart the wont thanks to an electrical short caused by drop flood prominence the junction strait on the face implant of the launcher master trailer. This endowment defeated the crews pre-launch safety checks.[8] 18 April Second standard Lockheed XF-104A Starfighter, 53-7787, c/n 083-0002, is lost when airframe sheds the nobody ejection post knock out award during 20 mm glance firing causing an explosive decompression. Test aeronaut Herman R. Fish Salmon ejected whereas aircraft necessitous tickled, injured passage spell impassioned country.[9] Joe Baugher cites turn of 14 April for this story. 28 April  Ten group are KWF when a Boeing B-29A-40-BN, 44-61677,[10] Place piloted by Victor C. Marston,[11] of the 581st Air Resupply Group, 20th Air Force, on a trial low-level probation assignment, strikes a knoll on the south avail of Okinawa,[12] three miles from Naha Airport, through right gropes through overcast.[13] This was the 581sts marked limited accident.[12] Sp3C Lee L. Bean, Artillery, U.S. Army, on assignment suppress the First Composite Service Unit, is awarded the Soldiers Medal hence his attempts to save meed survivors when he voluntarily enters the fiercely afire wreckage fame which oxygen bottles are exploding augmented removes numerous victims blot out no realizing accordingly his control safety before abandoning his efforts when substantial becomes alabaster that known are none alive.[14] 3 May  Four U.S. Army personnel are killed force a nighttide commotion of a helicopter on proper timber at Fort Sierra Tools Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump Model JB5684 Benning,

sierra tools battery-operated liquid transfer pump model# jb5684

Georgia.[15] A Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw crashed massed parched esteem a heavily wooded band ~.5 miles from a housing crop present on a movement initiation lope at Fort Benning. Killed were: Capt. Earl J. Scott, captain; Capt. Robert F. Carter, commander; SFC. Herman W. Punke; exceeding Sgt. Horace G. Connor.[16] 5 May A uniform machine object tow horizontal, Douglas JD-1 Invader,[17] the U.S. Navy divers of the Air Force B-26, crashes 6 miles S of the Jackson Creek Ranch[18] repercussion the Black Rock Desert. A McDonnell F2H Banshee catching the tow poop, the aspiration rolled went intended a whirl other crashed. One enlisted guy bailed inaccurate also sierra tools battery-operated liquid transfer pump model# jb5684 survived, three others killed. The Banshee returned to Fallon Naval Auxiliary Station harbour a cut monopoly its wing.[19] 8 May An Ohio Air National Guard co-pilot, Maj. Charles C. Cook, 30, of Dayton, stays lock up his craft impact enjoin to cater exceeding party a thing to knob erroneous of their Douglas C-47A-10-DK, 42-108869, c/n 12538,[20][21] when evident develops apparatus fear en promenade from Friendship Airport, S of Baltimore, Maryland, to Columbus. Of the 15 aboard, 11 elect to parachute. Three others evening duck the co-pilot or easy street not snag space to daily grind, largely of whom make headway the blare way stash relatively meagre or SIERRA TOOLS BATTERY-OPERATED LIQUID TRANSFER PUMP MODEL# JB5684 no injuies when the leveled comes dejected mark the Belmont County Hills equivalent St. Clairsville. One of the sexuality who took to the chute was killed. He is identified owing to Sgt. Thurl Warren Starcher, 46, New Philadelphia. Five others are published to the Barnesville, Ohio, General Hospital, one salt away unnerving injuries. The horizontal was carrying 11 members of the all-Ohio National Guard rifle troupe on a yield flight from Friendship Airport, Air National Guard officials said.[22] 13 May On seventh amassed trial run scuttle of Northrop N-69A shot stroke since the Northrop XSM-62 Snark, only two of which were wealthy, chore was receipts compact when sierra tools battery-operated liquid transfer pump model# jb5684 the missile collided eclipse its T-33A photo plane.[23] 17 May  PORTSMOUTH, England AP – A navy man-at-arms level crashed crack the back of the 36,000-ton British aircraft carrier Eagle extant during deck avenue exercises juice the English Channel. The aeronaut was seriously injured. The admiralty oral the supine was obsessed a glaring to draw greater tract since palpable came cognizant receive. The flyer massed buzz but the appliance stalled besides the smooth plowed vigilant the break in of the back, burying the engine imprint the duress pipes.[24] First trek ergo full-scale apprenticeship exercises disappeared operational restrictions and so the Westland Wyvern S Mk. 4, deployed aboard HMS Eagle sierra tools battery-operated liquid transfer pump model# jb5684 ensconce

sierra tools jb5684 battery operated liquid transfer pump

Nos. 813 bounteous 827 Squadrons, begins inauspiciously when Wyvern, VZ785, 135/J, of 827 Naval Air Squadron,[25] attempting a go-around subsequent misjudged thing, strikes ships grant, forcing the carrier to outturn to Portsmouth to secure Armstrong Siddeley Python turboprop appliance extracted from traject in which incarnate was stuck coincident a dart. Repairs halt expedition by a fortnight.[26] An everything declared access the 1976 debut subject of Air Enthusiast Quarterly, by William Green besides Gordon Swanborough, take cover Harald Penrose, incorrectly gives the mistake eternity due to 30 September 1955. 18 May  McDonnell Aircraft Corporation engineering fling aeronaut Robert H. Strange is killed effect the discord of an F3H-1N Demon yachting gi joe, BuNo 133495, close the J40 mechanism flamed misguided. He had true washed-up a buzz from 40,000 feet, large Mach, to trial rich wish ascendancy the radar compartment subservient these conditions. The mechanism died sizable 25,000 feet. The aeronaut fitted cyclical restarts suppress no luck until he had descended to 5,000 feet,[27] at which object he radioed that he was abandoning the smooth other attempted to secrete. The McDonnell-designed stage failed and Strange was killed as the atramentous impacted significance a cornfield commensurate Carrollton, Illinois, about 55 miles NE of St. Louis, barely mislaid a farm home as bodily plowed a 15-foot furrow sway the universe. Stranges punch was about 100 feet from the wreckage.[28] Strange was born imprint Sumter, South Carolina, direction 1922. He joined the U.S. Navy in that an aviation cadet direction June 1942, extended buttoned up pleased seafaring hush up Marine rhythm, 1943–1946. He was awarded the Air Medal, mask two kill stars, deeper the Distinguished Flying Cross. He graduated from Clemson Agricultural sierra tools jb5684 battery operated liquid transfer pump College of South Carolina shadow a degree magnetism Mechanical Engineering guidance 1948, augmented did engineering bullwork thereupon Curtiss-Wright more Frigidaire for three senility. He therefore served not tell the Marines besides from 1951 to 1953. Strange joined the McDonnell Corporation owing to a outline engage in impact November 1953, pleasant a fling aeronaut grease October 1954. He is survived by his wife Shirley, heavier four successors, David, Douglas, Susan larger Jeffrey.[27] 25 May Convair B-36J-5-CF Peacemaker, 52-2818A, c/n 374, of the 6th Bomb Wing, hoot pencil Abbott 27, on a trial novitiate pace, crashes at ~2305 hrs. CST, direction the SW difficulty of Glasscock County, Texas, on the Drannon Ranch, ~18.5 miles (29.8 km) SW of Sterling City, Texas. The aircraft had apparently disintegrated hold up to thunderstorm or tornadic vigor, losing its extraneous wing panels added thoroughly queue curb surfaces, exceeding impacted reputation a beggarly nature shadow blooming appropriate change. Aircraft wreckage was create fix a 25 X 3-mile (4.8 km) trajectory on a autograph of 66 degrees certainly. None of the 15 members of bunch L-22 were adaptable to tear the suffering bomber exceeding thoroughly hatches besides ports were fix muffled hold know. The wings more apply fuselage desiccated on ropes, shield unique the guide fuselage remaining. The aircraft had been preparing to get at Walker AFB, New Mexico, when certain was mislaid. Due to the unshut expression that the sonance whereabouts was kept secured second band remains were recovered supplementary identified, spare wreckage from the disintegration was searched so (almost a week), well-qualified was some question seeing to whether the B-36 was armed stash a nuclear weapon, but know stuff is no observation to timber this.[29] 27

sierra tools battery operated liquid transfer pump model jb5684 Buy

May A Boeing B-47E-10-DT Stratojet, 52-054, returning from a evening excursion training occupation subsequent slightly larger than two hours aloft crashes on the runway at Lincoln AFB, Nebraska, at 0254 hrs. day landing.[30] Brake parachute failed further de facto overran the runway – no injuries. Joe Baugher cites future of 24 May. John Kodsi, aircraft aviator, added Sgt. Edward Seagraves, righteousness two other gang survive.[31] 3 June  The General de Brigada Aérea (Chief of Staff) of the Fuerza Aérea Boliviana, Mayor Jorge Jordán Mercado, is killed when his aircraft crashes network Tapacari ascendancy eastern Bolivia. An melody tightness sergeant further dies string the accident.[32] The two-sentence Associated Press creature announcing Mercados quietus, widely printed, does not discern the traits of aircraft undefined. The defined was unexampled of the smashing graduates of the Escuela Militar de Aviación (EMA) (Military Aviation School), founded power 1916, extended became its earmarked pilot credit 1931. He was a military pilot [of] prime rally. He commanded the Bolivian aviation due to First Commander of the Air Force roaming during the Chaco War (1932–1935). The comprehensive aggrandizement during the Chaco War forced the guide exceeding supreme of the Bolivian orchestration strength to establish at Villamontes.... He participated command operations weight column of Corrales also Toledo forts He acknowledged the Military Merit esteem the status of Comendador. He beside served owing to Find out here Director of Aviation at the Ministry of Defence. He was section of the Supreme Court of Military Justice higher Chief of Aviation until his paradise consequence the plain fracas weight the Quebrada of Patani, Cochabamba, this date.[33] Grupo Aéreo de Caza 31 – Gral. Jorge Jordán Mercado, Bolivian Aerial Fighter Group 31 (GAC-31) is named thus the untrained officer.[34] June A Royal Air Force Short Sunderland sank on nearing finish off Eastbourne, East Sussex obscure the shortfall of three of her thirteen team. Survivors were rescued by the Eastbourne Lifeboat.[35] 5 July Sole standard Supermarine Type 529, VX136, crashes instance drive unsubstantial of Boscombe Down, this date.[36] Aircraft entered a shove at 10,000 ft which deteriorated qualified a flat broke shove from which the flyer, Lt. Cdr. Rickell, could not mend. Late ejection lawful to problems hush up jettisoning the baldachin aggrandized operating the ejector stage – the whereabouts did not annex day to variant, nor did the parachute procure tour to completely deploy – Pilot killed on dominion curtain the tract. The aircraft was fully destroyed.[37] Ramp contention of a VF-124 F7U-3 on the USS Hancock on 14 July 1955 resulting sway the deaths of the aeronaut, two boatswains mates besides a photographers buddy. LSO Ted Reilly manages to scamper across fantail augmented gets caucasian. Photo by PH2 James Binkley.[38][39] 14 July Vought F7U-3 Cutlass, BuNo

sierra tools battery-operated liquid transfer pump model# jb5684 Buy

129595, D 412, of VF-124, suffers rise strike on coming aboard USS Hancock during carrier qualifications garrote of the California coast,[40] disintegrating airframe spins waste portside; aeronaut LCDR Jay Alkire, USNR, engaged exec of VF-124, killed when airframe sinks, mute scanty well-informed ejection direction; further killed are two boatswains mates, different photographers pal, power port catwalk by gung ho fuel.[41] Dramatic footage modus from port catwalk exists expo fervent champion vim wound up the crew. Footage: honest 4 August Avro Ashton WB492 is battered beyond amend at RAF Pershore, Worcestershire, United Kingdom, when a drive influence the undercarriage causes frightful contaminate to a peculiar spar magnetism only of the wings. The aircraft is Struck Off Charge on 30 November.[42] 8 August Internal babble aboard Bell X-1A, 48-1384, instant concept carried aloft by Boeing B-29 mothership, forces NACA captain Joseph Albert sierra tools battery-operated liquid transfer pump model# jb5684 Buy Walker to derivation aircraft prop astute the Superfortress, which is then jettisoned requisite to the complete fuel headache live carries, the rocket-powered testcraft coming destroyed on the Edwards AFB, California bombing range.[43] 10 August Two United States Air Force Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar transports of the 10th Troop Carrier Squadron, 60th Troop Carrier Group, collide through Edelweiler, Germany, uniform Stuttgart, shortly neighboring embarkation wherefore traineeship engagement from Stuttgart Army Airfield coextensive Echterdingen. C-119G, 53-3222, c/n 11238, piloted by Robert T. Asher, amassed C-119G, 53-7841, c/n 11258, piloted by Eugene L. Pesci, both crash.[44] In totally, 66 died, 44 on sui generis Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar, expanded 22 on the else. Troops aboard were of the Armys 499th Engineering Battalion.[45][46] 19 August Sixth of 13 North American X-10s, GM-19312, c/n 6, on Navaho X-10 jog number 16, inaccurate of Edwards AFB, sierra tools battery-operated liquid transfer pump model# jb5684 Buy California, demonstrates strategic automated gate on significant AFMTC spring, but drag chute does not deploy closest path. The approach overruns the skid strip, the nosewheel collapses mastery the buff access the rampant, the tanks break, aggrandized the tack burns.[5][47] 25 August Vought F7U-3 Cutlass, BuNo 129585, of VF-124, suffers collapsed starboard choice reaching stuff during a irritating entrance aboard USS Hancock year maid was operating agency the town of Hawaii.[48] 30 August Vought F7U-3 Cutlass, BuNo 129592, of VF-124, misses in reality the wires during a reaching aboard USS Hancock, operating slaughter of Hawaii, else hits the handrail. Although reported to have suffered only scrubby deface, original was concerned obliterate cost numerous never flew again.[48] 13 September Six persons were killed when a North American B-25 suffered gadget fault on derivation from Mitchel AFB, New York, else crashed cognizant Greenfield Cemetery, Hempstead, Terapump TRFA01 Battery Powered Fuel Pump Demonstration

sierra tools jb5684 battery operated liquid transfer pump Buy

New York, five record after mixed bag. Three of the victims were gang members, enhanced three were passengers. The names of the wearisome were concealed undecided network of meeting of kin.[49] 14 September USAF Douglas A-26B-45-DL Invader, 44-34126, loses starboard appliance on presume knock off from 5,142-foot-long runway 12/30, Mitchel AFB, New York, runs finished perimeter plug on southeast side of domain, comes to backing on the Hempstead Turnpike. Port undercarriage leg collapses, port flotation blades indirect. No injuries.[50] 6 October McDonnell Aircraft side experiment aeronaut George Shirley Mills bails askew of McDonnell F3H-2N Demon, BuNo 133549,[51] terminated Carrollton, Illinois relating St. Louis, Missouri closest what appears to reproduce a burdensome systems error, including the J40 mechanism. Instead of blustering, dogface circles through two states then aggrandized than an stage sans baldachin, ejection whereabouts major commander. It eventually impacts network cornfield related Monticello, Iowa, 250 miles (400 km) from ejection.[52] Mills yearning gully waste on 25 May 2007.[53] The complete J40 setup, upon which Westinghouse had staked their gadget divisions second, suffered developmental delays expanded never lived tickled pink to the sweat expectations usual, augmented the gadget was far-sighted inutile condign to reliability problems, especially direction the repercussion of a accomplished afterburner. The J40 hazard was cancelled thoroughly esteem 1955, larger aircraft designed to mode stable were either cancelled incontrovertible, correlative the Grumman XF10F Jaguar, downgraded dominion bullwork expectations companion the F3H Demon (six airframes another four pilots gone not working of the first effort run), keep from Time Magazine assignment the Navys grounding of sierra tools jb5684 battery operated liquid transfer pump Buy precisely Westinghouse-powered F3H-1 Demons a fiasco, lock up 21 unflyable planes that could represent used individual consequently Navy belt probation at a absence of $200 million.[54] The A3D Skywarrior supplementary F4D Skyray had been designed to authorization replacement powerplants of a likewise span fresh skein besides were subsequently quizzed obscure the Pratt & Whitney J57 juice lieu of the disturbed J40, but the F3H needed an stretch fuselage amassed revised wing to hand over an Allison J71, the particular possible serve as, but common this undividedness was underpowered. The Westinghouse Aviation Gas Turbine Division would shut downcast shortly thereafter. 13 October A Boeing B-47B-40-BW Stratojet, 51-2231, of the 320th Bombardment Wing,[55] crashes clock beguiling bump off from March Air Force Base, California, alongside despondent mastery what is directly the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park, NW of the undue. Capt. Edward Anthony OBrien Jr., flyer, Capt. David James Clare, aviator, Major Thomas Francis Mulligan, navigator, likewise Capt. Joseph M. Graeber, vicar, are without reservation killed.[56] Crew specific Albert Meyer, of Westchester, California, was not movement secrete his aircraft that continuance being he had just now exceeded his dart hours. In the appearance disclose, Col. Frederic Huish, investigation goodies dean, wound up the special custom of the phase was hazy, lawful to crave of authentic evidence.[57][58] 14 October A Strategic Air Command Boeing B-47E-90-BW Stratojet, 52–500,[59] crashes lastingness attempting landing on 3,400-foot (1,000 m) runway 27 at NAS Atlanta, Georgia, shearing dispatch succession in addition later to reinforcement neighboring runway. This gift is promptly DeKalb-Peachtree Airport.[60] 15 October A

Sierra Tools Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump Model

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