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Lisle 31370 Adapter for Double Flaring Tool Set, 3/16"
Lisle 31370 Adapter for Double Flaring Tool Set, 3/16
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Model 31370
Brand Lisle
Manufacturer Lisle
ReleaseDate 2014-06-16

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as of 2018-01-16 09:06:59
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3/16" Adapter.
Binding Automotive
Brand Lisle
EAN 0083045313700
Feature Makes both single and double SAE flares,For more information check the main Lisle tool- 31310,Replacement part for Lisle tool- 31310
Label Lisle
Manufacturer Lisle
ManufacturerPartsWarrantyDescription Parts
Model 31370
MPN 31370
ProductGroup Automotive Parts and Accessories
Publisher Lisle
ReleaseDate 2014-06-16
Size 3/16 Inch
SKU LIS 31370
Studio Lisle
Title Lisle 31370 Adapter for Double Flaring Tool Set, 3/16"
UPC 083045313700

Lisle Set

lisle 31370 adapter for double flaring tool set 316

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Lisle 31370 Adapter for Double Flaring Tool Set 316

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Lisle Adapter Double Flaring Tool Set

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lisle adapter double flaring tool set

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Lisle 31370 Adapter for Double Flaring Tool Set 316 Cheap

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lisle 31370 adapter for double flaring tool set 316 Cheap

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Lisle Set

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