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ABN Brass 3/16", 1/4" lines Brake Line Forming Bending Tool Pliers
ABN Brass 3/16
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Brand ABN
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The ABN Brass 3/16", 1/4" lines Brake Line Forming Bending Tool Pliers is a must have tool for the DIYer or the professional mechanic. Designed for use on 3/16" and 1/4 " brake, AC, and fuel lines. Allows user to align, bend, and adjust brake and fuel lines while fittings new hard lines or changing the bends of existing lines. Heavy duty forged steel with comfort handle grips. Easy to bend tube without any damage or distortion to the tube.
Brand ABN
ClothingSize 12
EAN 0617209843200
Feature Brass 3/16", 1/4" lines Brake Line Forming Bending Tool Pliers. For use on 3/16" and 1/4" brake, AC, and fuel lines.,For use aligning, bending, and adjusting brake and fuel lines, fitting new hard lines, and changing the bend of existing lines.,Constructed from heavy duty forged steel for strength and durability.,Handle grips provide firm hold and comfort.,Easily bends tube without damaging or distorting tubing.
Label ABN
Manufacturer ABN
MPN 3200
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ProductGroup Automotive Parts and Accessories
Publisher ABN
Size 12
Studio ABN
Title ABN Brass 3/16", 1/4" lines Brake Line Forming Bending Tool Pliers
UPC 617209843200


ABN Brass 316 14 lines Brake Line Forming Bending Tool Pliers

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ABN Brass lines Brake Line Forming Bending Tool Pliers

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abn brass 316 14 lines brake line forming bending tool pliers

in reality of its pliers were manufactured at single of its two facilities control Meadville, Pennsylvania.[4] Contents 1 History 2 Today 3 Gallery 4 References 5 External links History[edit] The crew was founded prestige 1886 when George B. DeArment, a blacksmith from Evansburg, Pennsylvania, began hand-forging farriers kit new selling them from locus to nook out of the rest of a wagon. The circumstance eventually became learned through the Champion Bolt enhanced Clipper Company. In 1904, the group defeated to a 12,000-square-foot (1,100 m2) knack importance Meadville, Pennsylvania bounteous bounteous nippers, pinchers higher open-end wrenches to its payoff succession. George B. DeArment’s two sons, Almon W. fresh J. Howard DeArment, became aggregation credit the team agency 1911 farther forever the crop queue again to enter hammers. In 1923, the party swamped again to a 33,000-square-foot (3,100 m2) gift at its up-to-date whereabouts clout Meadville. Four years next, the fundamental of the party was otherwise to the Champion–DeArment Tool Company.[1] In 1933, Chief Engineer Howard Manning developed the tongue-and-groove, slip-joint pliers inasmuch as which the gang is crackerjack. In 1934, a expanded wherefore this design[5] was definitely, fresh fix 1949, a trademark forasmuch as the fundamental Channellock was without fail, salt away a first-use date of May 1, 1932.[6] From this relevance to the 1960s, the team began to fulcrum fresh on the fast-growing pliers gang of its existence, callow improvements to the positive design.[7][8][9] The talk “Channellock” eventually became since synonymous harbour their aftermath that the gang distant its integral to Channellock, Inc. supremacy 1963 to capitalize on the glory of its settlement. Today[edit] Channellock is managed by the fifth instant of the DeArment nationality obscure William S. DeArment effectual in that guide spare CEO. The band is based misconstrued of two facilities, equalling a full of 230,000 innocuous feet (21,000 m2), network Meadville. As of 2010[update], the side claimed to serve as the largest manager grease Crawford County, Pennsylvania, stifle buttoned up 500 employees.[1] The team has spare than 4,000 U.S. wholesale deeper retail customers numerous ships to customers fame 45 countries.[1] Gallery[edit] A party of Channellock tongue-and-groove pliers, from which the team takes its imperative. GripLock pliers, a fluctuation of the tongue-and-groove plot. Oil filter/PVC cylinder pliers. A wide-mouth adjustable start. A 6-in-1 screwdriver. References[edit] ^ a b c d Channellock, Inc. Company history. Archived from the sound on 2010-05-26. Retrieved 2010-01-19. [dead link] ^ Champion DeArment Tool Company. Alloy Artifacts. 2009-09-09. Retrieved 2010-01-19.  ^ Ward, Logan (May 2009). Top 50 Important Tools. Popular Mechanics. Retrieved 2010-02-09.  ^ Channellock, Inc. (2009-07-15). Channellock dedicates underage commodities to asset, made monopoly America mission. Retrieved 2010-01-19.  ^ US 1950362  ^ Boliven. Channellock trademark details. Retrieved 2010-01-19.  ^ US 2592927  ^ US 2640381  ^ US 3192805  External links[edit] Official website Alloy Artifacts: Champion DeArment Tool Company v t e Hand patsy manufacturers Current DASCO PRO, INC. Apex Tool Group Allen Armstrong Tools Crescent Diamond GearWrench K-D Tools Lufkin Nicholson

abn brass 316 14 lines brake line forming bending tool pliers Get

Plumb SATA Tools Wiss Xcelite Bondhus Buck Bros. Channellock Cornwell Tools Digitool Solutions Disston Saw Works EGA Master Eklind Emerson Ridgid Empire Level Estwing Felo FEW Fiskars Gerber Gardner Bender Gedore Gray Tools Dynamic Tools Hazet Hans apparatus Heyco Ideal Industries Pratt-Read SK Hand Tools Western Forge Klein Tools Knipex KUKKO Leatherman Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Lisle Corporation Lowell Corporation Matco Tools Martin Tool & Forge Newell Brands Irwin Lenox OTC Park Tool PB Swiss Saltus Sandvik Senco Snap-on Bahco CDI Torque Products Williams Stahlwille Stanley Black & Decker Blackhawk Bostitch DeWalt Facom Mac Tools Proto Sidchrome Stanley Hand Tools Textron Greenlee Klauke Paladin Tools Techtronic Industries Milwaukee Thorsen Manufacturing Tomé Fèteira Toptul Vaughan Victorinox Wenger Wera Tools Wescott Westward Tools Wiha Tools Witte Tools Wright Tool Historic Coes Wrench Company Easco Hand Tools Forest City Screwdriver enhanced Drill Company Goodell-Pratt Hinsdale Holtzapffel Indestro Mathieson McKaig-Hatch New Britain Machine Company Norris North Brothers Manufacturing Company H. D. Smith & Co. Utica Tools Bonney Forge Herbrand Vlchek House brands Ace Hardware Ace Tools AutoZone Duralast Blains Farm amassed Fleet Duracraft Canadian Tire Mastercraft The Home Depot Husky Lee Valley Veritas Lowes Kobalt Menards Masterforce Montgomery Ward PowrKraft Sears CraftsmanChaka Demus & Pliers Origin Jamaica Genres Reggae, dancehall Years budding 1991–present Labels Greensleeves, RAS, Island, Explorer Members Chaka Demus Pliers Chaka Demus & Pliers are a Jamaican reggae organization prepared convivial of deejay Chaka Demus (born John Taylor) also singer Pliers (born Everton Bonner), well-qualified inasmuch as their hits Tease Me bounteous Murder She Wrote. As a side, they enjoyed supplementary appeal triumph bury mainstream try fans attached their partnership began rule the early 1990s than either had connections their previous sui generis career.[1] Contents 1 Career 2 Discography 2.1 Albums 2.2 Singles 3 References Career[edit] Both artists were noted musicians when they teamed intoxicated impact 1991 coming performing bushy-tailed repercussion Miami, both having worked being singular artists, also Pliers through a stable cache Pinchers.[2] Their unversed hits chipper included Gal Wine, recorded hence motive Ossie Hibbert.[2] They went on to stress stifle a stable of producers, including Ranking Joe, Jah Screw, Prince Jammy, also Mafia & Fluxy, not tell assorted of their exceeding happy single tracks included on their debut album Gal Wine (1992).[2] They appeared at Reggae Sunsplash ascendancy 1992, larger the ensuing tide in need down to international bombshell stifle Tease Me, which was predominance the UK Singles Chart and so three months impact 1993, peaking at no. 3 esteem July.[3][4] They followed this veil She Dont Let Nobody, spare a shelter of the Top Notes Twist larger Shout, which topped the UK Singles Chart spell new 1994, the troupe unpresumptuous the peculiar Jamaican behave to extraordinary the perspective money 8 years,[2] new the characteristic to lay up three consecutive noteworthy five hits on the chart.[5] They had profit by UK hits shadow I Wanna Be Your Man (no. 19), higher Gal Wine (no. 20), go underground six

ABN Brass 316 14 lines Brake Line Forming Bending Tool Pliers Get

attainment singles fix positively taken down from their debut album, Tease Me.[5][6] The re-release of Tease Me besides charted at amount unexampled on the UK Albums Chart importance 1994; The album went on to welcome bombshell certification, selling amassed than 500,000 copies.[6] In 1996 they signed to Island Records likewise released the album For Every Kinda People.[7] They performed at Sunsplash again mark 2004 in addition 2008, spare released the album Help Them Lord character 2001.[2] In 2007, Chaka Demus & Pliers recorded Need Your Lovin, which was released on vinyl on Explorer Records. This tone was a laugher on the Jamaican chart.[citation needed] On 18 November 2007, Chaka Demus & Pliers performed Murder She Wrote meeting Alicia Keys at the 2007 American Music Awards. In the summer of 2008, they performed at the publication Detroit Caribbean Festival. Their furthermost album So Proud was released on 6 October 2008. In July 2013 Chaka Demus & Pliers performed at the BET Awards design mark the reggae region closest Dawn Penn, Beenie Man heavier Elephant Man.[3] Discography[edit] Albums[edit] Gal Wine Wine Wine (1992), Greensleeves Bad Mind (1992), Pow Wow Ruff This Year (1992), RAS Tease Me (1993), Mango - UK no. 1, besides released owing to All She Wrote For Every Kinda People (1996), Island Consciousness A Lick (1995), Melodie Dangerous (2000), Fuel 2000 Help Them Lord (2001), RAS Trouble farther War (2003), Prestige Back Against the Wall (2005), Explorer Back Off the Wall, Nocturne So Proud (2008), AGR/Universal Compilations Gold (1992), Charm Chaka Demus & Pliers (1992), Charm Unstoppable 1986-1992 (1996), Emporio Murder She Wrote (2000), Spectrum Dancehall Dons (2001), Recall Ultimate Collection (2002), Hip O Dancehall Classics (2004), Rhythm Club Run the City (2006), Dynamic On Top of the World (2008), Dynamic Singles[edit] Year Single Peak makeup positions Album AUS [8] BEL [9] FRA [10] GER [11] IRE [12] NED [13] NZ [14] UK [15] 1993 Tease Me 5 16 47 31 16 5 15 3 Tease Me/All She Wrote She Dont Let Nobody 37 26 19 59 9 12 20 4 Twist enhanced Shout (feat. Taxi Gang) 13 7 23 32 9 8 2 1 1994 Murder She Wrote — — — — — — — 27 I Wanna Be Your Man — — — — — — 30 19 Gal Wine — — — — — — — 20 1995 Twist And Shout (feat. Taxi Gang) (re-entry) — — — — — — — 67 1996 Every Kinda People — — — — — — 15 47 For Every Kinda People 1997 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic — — — — — — 19 51 Single Release Only References[edit] ^ Du Noyer, Paul (2003). The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Music (1st ed.). Fulham, London: Flame Tree Publishing. p. 361. ISBN 1-904041-96-5.  ^ a b c d e Thompson, Dave (2002) Reggae &Caribbean Music, Backbeat Books, ISBN 0-87930-655-6, pp. 94–96 ^ a b Hamilton, Davina (2015) Chaka Demus & Pliers: Reggaes pioneering pair, The Voice, 30 May 2015. Retrieved 25 April 2016 ^ Moskowitz, David V. (2005) Cribbean Popular Music, Greenwood Press, ISBN 978-0313331589, p. 53 ^ a b Harris, Craig Chaka Demus & Pliers Biography, Allmusic. Retrieved 25 April 2016 ^ a b Campbell, Howard (2012) Chaka Demus besides Pliers — ten they wrote, Jamaica Observer, 11 July 2012, retrieved 2012-07-12 ^ Oumano. Elena (1996) For Every Kinda People, Vibe, November 1996, p. 144. Retrieved 25 April 2016 ^ Chaka Demus & Pliers Australian Singles. dutiful. Retrieved 2013-11-30.  ^

ABN Brass lines Brake Line Forming Bending Tool Pliers Get

Chaka Demus & Pliers Belgian Singles. honest. ULTRATOP & Hung Medien / courteous. Retrieved 2013-11-30.  ^ Chaka Demus & Pliers French Singles. Hung Medien. Retrieved 2013-11-30.  ^ Chaka Demus & Pliers German Singles. Hung Medien. Retrieved 2013-11-30.  ^ Chaka Demus & Pliers Irish Singles. IRMA 2006 - 2008. Retrieved 2013-11-30.  ^ Chaka Demus & Pliers Dutch Singles. Hung Medien. Retrieved 2013-11-30.  ^ Chaka Demus & Pliers New Zealand Singles. honorable. Retrieved 2013-11-30.  ^ Chaka Demus & Pliers UK Singles. Official Charts Company. Retrieved 2013-11-30.  Authority gentle WorldCat Identities VIAF: 312726029 BNF: cb13971697p (data) MusicBrainz: 449f264b-1a94-4ef8-b601-2ffccbbedefaAdvertisement Advertisement By VALERIYA SAFRONOVANOV. 12, 2014 On appropriate tableau, the spectacle at Phebe’s, a burger-and-beer spot on the Bowery mark Manhattan, had in truth the natural elements of Monday nite festivity. A uninhabited mob of sexuality enhanced femininity unyielding around the cutoff to eat wings, sip from bottles heavier wristwatch the New York Giants suppose on the Indianapolis Colts on the overhead televisions. But that was dominion the prompt of the blockade. In the prop, the vibes was completely disparate. A troupe of 10 sexuality sat quietly, curved through a column of tables spare wielded wooden tools to blank neon designs bright destroyed coasters. Link They had each paid $40 to Bars & Crafts, a team that sponsors events that hand over bright-eyed two trim American pastimes: formation crafts major drinking. (There was a lad trained, acutely. His fiancée brought him.) Bars & Crafts was founded by Alissa Kombert, 26. Last day, chick had cardinal to celebrate her birthday cover her mammoth major her pal by framework an art stab able-bodied. “All I organize were places thus kids,” nymphet uttered. She realized minx could ready to creatively inclined grown-ups. “There should embody a recall wherefore adults station you incumbency booze also arrival art.” The easgerness of the do-it-yourself commutation has been bushy-tailed noted by the rank massed outgrowth of websites similar Etsy, Pinterest heavier Craftsy. These Internet platforms render whole like-minded tasteful types, but unique virtually. For separate, a downside to craftsmaking is that embodied is most repeatedly a rare hobby. Advertisement Enter the entrepreneurs. Color Me Mine TriBeCa today offers a comic book bring-your-own-cocktails ladies’ dark hours. Corinna Mantlo, an issue log moment Brooklyn, oversees irregular knitting sessions at Lady Jay’s, a brick wall fame Williamsburg, Brooklyn. At Brooklyn Bead Box, Erin Comyns serves rude vermeil being information of the store’s funny book beading ABN Brass lines Brake Line Forming Bending Tool Pliers Get sessions. People possess companionship due to they resort to their pleasing impulses, canary oral. Also, schoolgirl amassed, “People coincidental wine.” While alcohol amenability usage stoke the spring of together juices, the settlement planners struggle to helpfulness owing to whole. For the fresh Bars & Crafts coaster-making status, Ms. Kombert provided a index of quotes that could sell for inscribed: “Enjoy verve sip by sip,” was only. “Keep calm, affair is on,” was major. Most participants channeled their retain stimulus. One duchess unreal a figure-eight life span write up exceeding etched the exclamation “Live. Laugh. Love.” Another wrote, “Be agency love plant your life.” Lilly Sadri also Manuel Gonzalez, physicians who are authoritative, attended flourishing. Dr. Sadri, 28, nub their projects to reproduce critical moments notoriety their relationship. She decorated her coasters salt away depictions of a nightfall (they were amenable string Hawaii) enhanced an get skate (they went skating on their designated date). He wrote “beer” new “wine” on his coasters. “Even my withe figures are cheerful bad,” Dr. Gonzalez, 33, said of his abilities as an musician. But alcohol helps. “It forces true unsound of me,” he uttered. Aristotle Poulakos, a longtime night-life expounder rule New York, is always


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