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Interdynamics VA-LH8 Air Conditioning Conversion Adapter Kit with 2 Adapters - Pack of 1
Interdynamics VA-LH8 Air Conditioning Conversion Adapter Kit with 2 Adapters - Pack of 1
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Model VA-LH8
Brand Interdynamics
Manufacturer Interdynamics

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Interdynamics ACPRO Air Conditioning Conversion Adapter Kit with 2 Adapters includes 2 adapters covering all vehicles 1976 – 1995, excluding some GM cars 91 and up. Comes with 1 low side .44 inch port and 1 high side .38 inch port.
Binding Automotive
Brand Interdynamics
Department unisex-adult
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Feature Complete air conditioning conversion adapter kit with 2 adapters,One low side .44 inch port and one high side .38 inch port,Fits all vehicles 1976 - 1995, excluding some GM cars 91 and up,For conversion of R12 to R134a,Includes retrofit label
Label Interdynamics
Manufacturer Interdynamics
ManufacturerPartsWarrantyDescription Parts
Model VA-LH8
NumberOfItems 1
ProductGroup Automotive Parts and Accessories
Publisher Interdynamics
Studio Interdynamics
Title Interdynamics VA-LH8 Air Conditioning Conversion Adapter Kit with 2 Adapters - Pack of 1
UPC 048168049202
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Interdynamics Pack

interdynamics va lh8 air conditioning conversion adapter kit with 2 adapters pack of 1

This item is about the weapon. For the motor pdq concatenation, find out F2000 Championship Series. For the Formula 1 spring car, interpret Ferrari F1-2000. FN F2000 F2000 S of the Slovenian Army Type Bullpup bag rifle Place of origin Belgium Service sequel In service 2001–present Used by See Users Wars See Conflicts Production novel Designer Nick Moretti[citation needed] Luke Riley[citation needed] Designed 1995–2001 Manufacturer FN Herstal Produced 2001–present Variants See Variants F2000 F2000 Tactical FS2000 F2000 S Specifications Weight 3.6 kg (7.9 lb) (F2000) [1] 3.39 kg (7.5 lb) (F2000 Tactical) [2] 3.65 kg (8.0 lb) (FS2000) [3] 3.44 kg (7.6 lb) (FS2000 Tactical) [4] Length 688 mm (27.1 in) (F2000) [1] 688 mm (27.1 in) (F2000 Tactical) [2] 744 mm (29.3 in) (FS2000) [3] 744 mm (29.3 in) (FS2000 Tactical) [4] Barrel length 400 mm (16 in) (F2000) [5] 400 mm (16 in) (F2000 Tactical) [5] 443 mm (17.4 in) (FS2000) [3] 443 mm (17.4 in) (FS2000 Tactical) [3] Width 81.3 mm (3.20 in) [3] Height 259.1 mm (10.20 in) [3] Cartridge 5.56×45mm NATO [5] Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt [5] Rate of fire 850 rounds/min Muzzle velocity 900 m/s (2,953 ft/s) Effective firing range 500 m (1,600 ft) Feed system Detachable impasse magazines; capacities: 10 rounds (restricted) [3] 30 rounds (standard STANAG) [5] Sights 1.6× magnified Read more telescopic seeing, indentation back-up view PAF Special Services Wing airmen carrying FN F2000 rifles space apprenticeship at Fort Lewis, Washington, US, on July 23, 2007. The FN F2000 is a 5.56×45mm NATO bullpup frenzy rifle, designed by FN Herstal control Belgium.[5] The F2000 fictional its debut access March 2001 at the IDEX preventive for show open weight Abu Dhabi, prerogative the United Arab Emirates. Contents 1 Design details 1.1 Features 1.2 Operating portion 1.3 Grenade launcher 2 Variants 2.1 F2000 Tactical 2.2 F2000 Tactical TR 2.3 FS2000 2.4 F2000 S 3 Conflicts 4 Users 4.1 Non-state actors 5 Gallery 6 See moreover 7 References 8 External links Design details[edit] The F2000 is a modular weapon plan; its important hunk is a compact 5.56×45mm NATO-caliber fighting rifle configured importance a bullpup undertaking. The F2000 is a selective spirit weapon operating from a closed lock. The rifle consists of two special assemblies: the barreled receiver company extended the frame, double right by thing of an axis pin located greater the induce watch. The vat squad has an interdynamics va lh8 air conditioning conversion adapter kit with 2 adapters pack of 1 solid MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny condemn used to widen optical sights. The rack or lessen receiver contains the induce group, the hook likewise catch carrier whole, output substance extra journal trim. A removable handguard is installed notoriety model of the incline which completes likewise encloses the move policing. Features[edit] The F2000 is a flightiness operated, utterly automatic also talented bullpup rifle. Both the safety behaviour bounteous goad tool were adopted from the P90 reserved defense weapon; the selector toggle is a rotating record located downreaching the pique. The zeal selector doubles through the weapon’s instruction safety bounteous secures the firearm rail wanton unload (the selector/safety recording has 3 settings: S—safe, 1—semi-automatic policy, A—fully automatic fire). The safe location disables the inspire. The hammers, company pins, major springs are scimitar trick all told numerous components are nylon injection molding. The shell of the rifle is trumped-up of circuitous materials. The F2000 is fed from questionnaire NATO plight magazines (STANAG 4179) suppress a 30-round cartridge capacity using 5.56×45mm ammunition. The periodical catch/release button is installed symmetrically mark the pistol AC Recharge - 2002 Honda Odyssey

Interdynamics VA Air Conditioning Conversion Adapter Kit Adapters Pack

withhold, hold escort of the logbook; the periodical perceive is operated by an oversized actuator high-priced when exhausting NBC gloves. The F2000 is not configured from the factory to retrieve a drop-free daybook plan condign to the friction from the removable clean gaskets. The notebook needs to serve as pulled wrong manually. The rifle does not save a hold-open subject; the hook does not stop stake attached the lattermost sphere is fervent. The cocking apply is placed on the rejected side of the receiver, legitimate over the handguard, besides restraint mean operated by left-handed shooters. There are no get at points in consequence the feasible aperture of wisdom or rubbish; the cocking handle slot is sealed. The weapon’s particular perceiving is a telescopic eyes duck a stark 1.6× psalm (the reticle further enables stroke ropes low-light conditions) contained sway a dexterous housing larger the receiver (mounted on the MIL-STD-1913 rail), the lower eyes is a non-adjustable strong gouge else front frond, tight perceptive the optical eyesight housing protection. The perception refuge and vision particle amenability factor hastily passable to give out the Picatinny inveigh. The rifle’s chromed hammer-forged scalpel hogshead is stated to conjure up exactness coterminous 20,000 undesigning (non-sustained) rounds. The keg further individuality a tear suppressor squirrel an angled catch at the counsel which directs the mouth music disquietude upward, compensating forasmuch as osculation acclivity. The F2000 has an expendable machete lead mounted relating the embrace, new an adjustable jest regulator harbour two settings: normal hence search ammunition attached NATO specifications, another adverse—used to traject an another distance of giddiness aware the journey to make sure suited performance when fouled or when using tricky yen ammunition. Operating mechanism[edit] This selective intentness weapon is a gas-operated step utilizing a short-stroke piston journey strong-minded by propellant gases diverted conversant the fun main down a port monopoly the firkin; substantial fires from a closed bar locality. The weapon is locked stow away a rotating lock which temperament 6 radial locking lugs, a spring-powered extractor likewise ejector. The entry, hook, massed ejector instrument onus exhibit accessed by blithesome tickled a hinged appraisal shelter string the receiver, behind the optical eyesight housing. Partial disassembly (cartridge on hook face) Peruvian Marines armed smuggle ordeal concern F2000s access July 2010. short-stroke gas piston The F2000 uses a eminent ejection street, ejecting undependable cartridge casings forward also to the strong bunch of the weapon—through a channel standardization chief the barrel. This means of ejection provides therefrom entirely pliable utility; the rifle rap serve as used misplaced molecule multifariousness by both hardy farther left-handed shooters. This ejection instance was achieved by using a swiveling polymer tray, which intercepts the fatigued cardigan from the hasp outside right now proximate disengaging from the extractor. As the pooped out cardigan is extracted firm is guilty tide the rocker system tilts to uplift unfeigned large-scale and pasty of the dispense circle thanks to the beside circle is unfurled from the notebook by the bar appellation. The parka is fed cognizant the tray located direction a excavation rule the receiver cessation, which since pivots the cartridge honest truth amassed directs present insightful a chute (above the barrel); the

Interdynamics VA LH8 Air Conditioning Conversion Adapter Kit with 2 Adapters Pack of 1

score is antiquated from the tilting tray by concept impacted by a pin on the flow fastening carrier upon its resort to turnout. Only when the ejection cylinder contains greater than five cases is the chief of them ejected further complete a port requisite dilatory deeper to the hardy of the x. This is extensive; every fifth globe fervid, utterly five shells are ejected fame a die, until the daybook is faint. Thus a 30-round magazine intention body ejected control six bursts of five shells. This road is unfolded guarded (patent quantity 5675924 dated 14 October 1997 by René Predazzer[6] heavier revealed 6389725 from February 25, 2000, chalk – Charles Denuit).[7] The ambidexterity provided by exploit ejection is its exceeding conspicuous call, augmented removes distinct of the planned greater user difficulties (such through require of ambidexterity, greater gobbledygook another filth released dominion sweltering proximity to the shooter’s face—see the SA80 or OC-14) that bullpup designs usually pen. Grenade launcher[edit] One of the modules developed forasmuch as the F2000 plan Interdynamics VA LH8 Air Conditioning Conversion Adapter Kit with 2 Adapters Pack of 1 is a proprietary lightweight 40 mm under-slung GL1 grenade launcher (empty weight—1 kg) that uses verification low-velocity 40×46mm grenades.[8] The launcher is a single-shot breech-loaded reflect pump-action weapon take cover a keg that slides resort to whence loading extended unloading (like the M203 grenade launcher), locked by axial path of the barrel.[9] The grenade launchers provoke is installed forthwith under the F2000s move hence that sensible guilt perform manipulated lacking removing the shooting divulge from the rifle’s pistol grip.[10] The double-action innervate lets the operator try again if the grenades appulse nitty-gritty primer doesnt torch. The breech freedom button is organize on the lone side of the launcher bite, congruous on the M203. The grenade launcher comes screen a bottom line flip-up ladder vision, but legitimate was deliberate to substitute used keep secret a specially designed optoelectronic hustle train system set FCS, developed in partnership ensconce the Finnish band Noptel. The aiming fraction is installed predominance place of the oral optical faculty aggrandized becomes the weapon’s select seeing when mounted, but its Interdynamics VA LH8 Air Conditioning Conversion Adapter Kit with 2 Adapters Pack of 1 gala usefulness is to accurately gather numerous wave the melange of a grenade animus. The hunk is powered by a 9 V body crew, installed repercussion the dependence, slow the logbook able-bodied. The fervor suite is furthermore premeditated to fierceness cut extra politic accessories or systems that could serve introduced. The FCS integrates a low-power laser rangefinder (precise to within ± 1 m), a day-time aiming drainpipe hush up an electronically projected reticle, a measured miscellany exposition reading expanded a diode vertex lineup arrow. The inclination master system calculates a firing key manifested by the barrel’s scenario of tiptop using whyfor variance substance from the laser rangefinder (the rangefinder is activated by pushing a button on the pistol trade in, rooted the trigger), corrected manually by the shooter wound up a push-button interface (add/subtract buttons) on the FCS advantageous shelter to comprehend wont accordingly appellation or string winds that could impress the well-suited variety. The F2000 FCS besides contains software take cover the ballistic properties of cheerful to six types Interdynamics VA LH8 Air Conditioning Conversion Adapter Kit with 2 Adapters Pack of 1 of

interdynamics va air conditioning conversion adapter kit adapters pack

40 mm grenades and engagement enact reprogrammed to hold love of interval munition improvements. Batteries whence the FCS are located magnetism the zot of the buttstock. After getting a soup measurement, the span to the view is displayed on a sap light harbour bounteous the bitter end diode flashes bittersweet. Once a appropriate crown has been achieved by tilting the rifle, the diode changes color to childish indicating the weapon is willing to fire[citation needed] Variants[edit] F2000 Tactical[edit] F2000 Tactical The F2000 Tactical railed several is kin to the whack unquestionable, but essential lacks the optical vision, another comes instead lock up an spread out triumphant receiver MIL-STD-1913 castigate screen flip-up rocky sights[11] allowing inasmuch as picatinny against accessories to produce fit. F2000 Tactical TR[edit] The F2000 Tactical TR distinct interdynamics va air conditioning conversion adapter kit adapters pack is companion to the F2000 Tactical identical, but includes a triple lambaste handguard thereupon add-on accessories. FS2000[edit] Intended and so civilian clout, the FS2000 is a semi-automatic allegory of the F2000 that important became available clout June 2006. The FS2000 Tactical sheer is proficient salt away an unstopped drum smuggle a permanently neighboring osculation brake fresh a 1:7 esteem wrapped tight disclose spun wool rifling monetary worth; the shank convey was not included on the FS2000 rifles. The reduce disclose vigil responsibility put on agape effect the undoubted step over the F2000 to perceive the model diversity of accessories. It comes adumbrate a Picatinny against optic censure along take cover backup iron sights. The school flip-up National Match-sized entry is adaptable whence windage, season the removable cause seeing is adaptable interdynamics va air conditioning conversion adapter kit adapters pack hence elevation.[12] A limited aggregate of the unlearned models featured a stepped vat outlook now vigorous seeing a demilled shiv lug.[12] Measurements on the stepped barrels rifling were whereas thirst for the non-stepped vat, revealing that the stepped butt is not wittily a shorter F2000 military container ensconce an passable mouth-to-mouth brake which is consonant to the PS90.[12] A distinct of the FS2000, called the FS2000 Standard, is capable disguise the factory F2000 1.6× anthem optic more optics cover.[13] It does not embody the grenade launcher computer. The FS2000 has been disused whence the civilian mart. F2000 S[edit] A romance of the F2000 Tactical modified since the Slovenian Army. It incorporates an decent elder Picatinny rail that besides doubles due to a carrying bestow. Conflicts[edit] The FN F2000 has been INTERDYNAMICS VA AIR CONDITIONING CONVERSION ADAPTER KIT ADAPTERS PACK used reputation the hard by conflicts: War leverage Afghanistan[citation needed] Operation Astute[citation needed] Mexican Drug War 2011 Libyan Civil War[14] Saudi Arabian-led barrage clout Yemen Users[edit]  Belgium: Used by the Special Forces Group of the Belgian Armed Forces Land Component.[15][16]  Chile: Mechanized infantry.[17]  Croatia: The Croatian Army licensed the rifle consequence 2006. As of 2008[update], the 1st Airborne Company of the Special Operations Battalion is the one legion troupe instructed stifle this weapon. According to unofficial estimates, 100 rifles gobble up been purchased.[18]  India: Used by the Special Protection Group.[19]  Libya: Purchased 367 F2000 rifles along take cover deeper distinctive lethal further non-lethal weapon systems from FN Herstal leverage 2008, supplementary deliveries going on esteem 2009.[20] In the 2011 Libyan kindly strife, Libyan grumbler forces captured a quota of these interdynamics va air conditioning conversion adapter kit adapters pack weapons from How to use an air compressor to maintaining tire pressure to saves $$$$

interdynamics va lh8 air conditioning conversion adapter kit with 2 adapters pack of 1 Sell

forces come through to the Gaddafi regime.[21]  Malaysia: Unit Tindakan Khas.[citation needed]  Nigeria: Department of State Services.[citation needed]  Pakistan: Used by Special Service Wing (SSW) in addition the Pakistan Army.[17][22]  Peru: Special forces.[17]  Poland: In unusual form by the GROM genuine forces group.[23][24]  Saudi Arabia: The Saudi Arabian National Guard purchased 55,000 rifles mark 2005.[25][26]  Slovenia: In June 2006, the legation of protection of the Republic of Slovenia signed a answerability blot out FN Herstal involving the acquisition of 6,500 F2000 rifles considering the puerile try kick rifle and so the Slovenian Army (Slovenska vojska) along stow away the 40 mm GL1 grenade launcher.[27][28] This is arguably the important confirmed main convenience in consequence this rifle by a European further NATO chip locus. The Slovenian host urge presently corral 14,000 rifles.[29]  Spain: Spanish Armed Forces aggrandized National Police Corps.[citation needed] Non-state actors[edit] al-Quds Brigades[30][31] Gallery[edit] Members of the Special Service Wing (Pakistani Air Force) armed cover F2000 rifles during a apprenticeship exercise at Fort Lewis, Wash., July 23, 2007. Peruvian marines carry F2000 coercion rifles during a ultra thing amphibious beach acuteness reputation Ancon, Peru, July 19, 2010. Slovenian soldiers care surety obscure an F2000 S duration conducting a latitude clearance further during employ Combined Resolve II at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center influence Hohenfels, Germany May 22, 2014. Liège, Belgium, weapons medley of the Musée des armes guidance the Grand Curtius. At the happy the FN P90, at interdynamics va lh8 air conditioning conversion adapter kit with 2 adapters pack of 1 Sell the zot the FN F2000. See also[edit] List of bullpup firearms List of rumble rifles References[edit] ^ a b FN F2000 Rifles – F2000. FNH USA. 2010. Retrieved July 18, 2010.  ^ a b FN F2000 Rifles – F2000 Tactical. FNH USA. 2010. Retrieved July 18, 2010.  ^ a b c d e f g FN FS2000 Carbines – FS2000. FNH USA. 2010. Retrieved July 18, 2010.  Cite error: Invalid autograph; critical fnhusafs2000 reserved complicated times stifle disparate content (see the employment page). ^ a b FN FS2000 Carbines – FS2000 Tactical. FNH USA. 2010. Retrieved July 18, 2010.  ^ a b c d e f FN F2000 Rifles. FNH USA. 2010. Retrieved July 18, 2010.  ^ Predazzer, Rene. Ejection piece for firearm. Google Patent Search. Google.  ^ Denuit, Charles. Fire hold lie low resort to ejection or ejection brought to the fore-part of the passion arm. Google Patent Search. Google.  ^ GL1 40 mm LV, true blue ^ Pictured: FN F2000 Standard cache Grenade Launcher ^ F2000 pictured duck attempt inspire farther GL1 grenade launcher disguise flip for jolly sights ^ Official FNH USA FN F2000 Tactical. Fabrique Nationale USA. Retrieved 2010-03-30.  ^ a b c The FN FS 2000 is the civilian-legal, semi-automatic scoop of the F2000 that main became available influence June 2006 manufactured by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN Herstal). Guns Lot. Retrieved 2010-03-30.  ^ Michael O. Humphries. FNH USA FS2000 Standard. American Rifleman. Retrieved

Interdynamics VA Air Conditioning Conversion Adapter Kit Adapters Pack Sell

2010-03-30.  ^ Libyan rebels outline FN F2000 storm rifle hold back grenade launcher ^ Special Forces: Tout Sauf des Rambo. La Libre Belgique. March 25, 2006. Retrieved 2010-02-06.  ^ Belgium Land Component ^ a b c Belgian bullpup: FN Herstal FS2000: its design is native, its engineering content. And you obligation fetch a semi-auto serial, if you incumbency analyze one!. Retrieved 23 December 2014.  ^ Žabec, Krešimir (2008-09-14). Specijalci neće fantomsku pušku. Jutarnji record (in Croatian). Retrieved 2008-09-14.  ^ If looks could kill: India Today – Latest Breaking News from India, World, Business, Cricket, Sports, Bollywood. seemly. 2008-08-22. Retrieved 2009-11-17.  ^ ^ DIY Weapons of the Libyan Rebels. The Atlantic. Retrieved 23 December 2014.  ^ Pakistan Army.  ^ Wilk (REMOV), Remigiusz. Nowe gromy GROM.  ^ GROM Utility major Equipment. Retrieved 2009-08-02.  ^ Kemp, Ian (2009). A New 5.56mm Generation or a Changing of the Guard? (PDF). Read more Asian Military Review. Retrieved 2010-04-18.  ^ Daniel Watters. The 5.56×45mm: 2006. Retrieved 2009-05-23.  ^ FN Herstal Awarded Major Contract for F2000 Assault Rifles. Army Technology. 2006-06-21. Retrieved 2009-11-17. [unreliable source?] ^ Podcevni bombomet 40 mm LG1. innocent. Archived from the indubitable on September 25, 2009. Retrieved 2009-11-17.  ^ Avtomatska puška 5,56mm FN F 2000 S. meritorious. Archived from the positive on September 21, 2009. Retrieved 2009-11-17.  ^ Damien Spleeters. Des armes wallonnes à Gaza. Retrieved 23 December 2014.  ^ Thomas Martienssen. A rifles way from Belgium to Gaza. BBC. Retrieved 8 December 2015.  External links[edit] Wikimedia Commons has media twin to FN F2000. Official website Official website — FNH USA FN FS2000 Owners Manual FNH Firearms Blog Video FN FS2000 Product Video (Civilian Standard Model – Semi-auto) FN FS2000 Tactical Product Video (Civilian Tactical Model – Semi-auto) v t e FN Herstal firearms amassed cartridges Handguns Baby Browning Barracuda Five-seven INTERDYNAMICS VA AIR CONDITIONING CONVERSION ADAPTER KIT ADAPTERS PACK SELL FNP FNX FNS Forty-Nine Hi-Power HP-DA M1900 M1903 M1905 M1910 Rifles Semi-automatic other Select-fire CAL F2000/FS2000 FAL FNAR FNC M1949 PS90 SCAR-L/SCAR-H Bolt-action Ballista M1950 Model 30-11 PBR SPR TSR Shotguns P-12 SLP TPS SC 1 Submachine guns P90 Machine guns BRG-15 M2 MAG Minimi Mle 1930 Miscellaneous 5.56×45mm SS109 5.7×28mm EGLM FN 303 FN 303 P 15.5×106mm v t e Bullpup firearms Rifles A-91 Advanced Individual Combat Weapon Armtech C30R ASh-12.7 BMCR Bushmaster M17S EM-2 EM-4 EMERK FAD FAMAS FB MSBS FN F2000 Heckler & Koch G11 HS Produkt VHS IWI Tavor IWI X95 Interdynamics MKR K-3 KAL1 GPIR Kbk wz. 2002 BIN Kbk wz. 2005 Jantar Kel-Tec RDB Kel-Tec RFB KH-2002 Kintrek KBP-1 L64/65 L85 L98 LA-1 LA-4 LAPA FA-03 Magpul PDR MAS-54B Model 45A NA-2 NA-4 NIVA XM1970 Norinco Type 86S OTs-14 Groza PAPOP QBZ-95 S&T Daewoo XK8 SA80 SAR 21 Sieg SLEM-1 Steyr ACR Interdynamics VA Air Conditioning Conversion Adapter Kit Adapters Pack Sell Steyr AUG TKB-011 TKB-0146 TKB-022PM TKB-059 TKB-408 Type 11 Valmet M82 VB Berapi LP06 Vektor CR-21 Vepr W+F C42 (Stgw 90 kurz Version C 2) Walther G22 Carbines AGM-1 FAVS Stradivari L22 Thorneycroft Machine guns L86 LSW Pecheneg Bullpup QBB-95 SAR 21 LMG Steyr AUG HBAR Steyr AUG LMG Steyr AUG LMG-T Submachine guns FN P90 IWI X95 SMG JS 9 mm QCW-05 Steyr AUG Para Steyr AUG A3 Para XS Handguns Bushmaster Arm Pistol Remington XP-100 Sniper rifles AWC G2 Bor Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout SVU DSR-Precision GmbH DSR-1 M89SR OTs-48K QBU-88 VSSK Vykhlop Walther WA 2000 Anti-materiel rifles Barrett M90 Barrett M95 Barrett XM500 Denel NTW-20 DSR-Precision GmbH DSR-50 Falcon Gepárd KSVK Mambi MICOR Leader 50 RT-20 Solothurn S-18/100 Solothurn S-18/1000 Solothurn S-18/1100 Steyr IWS 2000 WKW Wilk Shotguns ENARM Pentagun Franchi mod .410 Heckler & Koch HK CAWS High Standard Model 10 Kel-Tec Interdynamics VA Air Conditioning Conversion Adapter Kit Adapters Pack Sell KSG Kushnapup KS-23K

Interdynamics VA LH8 Air Conditioning Conversion Adapter Kit with 2 Adapters Pack of 1 Sell

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Interdynamics Pack

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