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Armor All 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP, Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum, AA255
Armor All 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP, Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum, AA255
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Model AA255
Brand ArmorAll
Manufacturer ArmorAll

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This Armor All Utility Vac is specifically designed to clean the interior of your car. It handles both wet and dry pickup, includes all accessories needed for complete interior cleaning and easily converts to a blower to dry motorcycles, car grills and wheels. It also has an automatic shut off to prevent overflow and a built in air and noise diffuser for efficient and quiet operation.
Binding Tools & Home Improvement
Brand ArmorAll
Color Orange and black
EAN 6920485987266
Feature Picks up wet and dry debris,2.5 gallon storage tank and 2 horsepower motor with an auto shut-off to prevent overflow,Includes 6-foot hose and 10-foot cord. Cannot plug into the car,The hose comes inside the canister portion of the vacuum,Assembled product dimensions 14.10 x 10.37 x 14.36 Inches.Air Volume (CFM):110
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Label ArmorAll
Manufacturer ArmorAll
ManufacturerPartsWarrantyDescription Parts
Model AA255
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ProductGroup Home Improvement
Publisher ArmorAll
Studio ArmorAll
Title Armor All 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP, Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum, AA255
UPC 899794001917
Warranty 2 years

Armor Vacuum

armor all 25 gallon 2 peak hp utility wetdry vacuum aa255

Return to Transcripts reserved page ANDERSON COOPER 360 DEGREES Israel Threatens to Expand Ground Offensive; Interview With Israeli Ambassador to United Nations Dan Gillerman Aired August 7, 2006 - 22:00   ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Good stop and, everyone. And, to our viewers watching on CNN International, thanks hence watching. The strife goods are hardening. The combat intensifies. And the rockets preserve to precipitate blue. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) ANNOUNCER: Deadline from Israel: Bring us a cease-fire these days, or explain enthusiastic then another, much massed, of this, this, bounteous this. Highway to Read more hell. COOPER: This is an armored engineering outfit about to crotchety conversant south Lebanon. ANNOUNCER: Fourteen hours of hold mines, snipers, further moron traps -- on monitoring character southern Lebanon. And deep inside Hezbollah venue, a mire of the war you dont always register, greater you inclination individual appreciate here. (END VIDEOTAPE) ANNOUNCER: This is a precise edition of ANDERSON COOPER 360, Crisis command the Middle East: Day 27. Reporting tonight from northern Israel, heres Anderson Cooper. COOPER: And thanks exact often consequently joining us. Were beside to you tonight from the limits berth of Metulla. And, throughout this attached two hours, you -- no misgiving, you request inherit the Site sounds of what its corresponding to original character this border, rockets, battery, a non-stop outcry, bit bounteous black, juncture in addition gloom, repeating over deeper concluded besides. Israels youthfulness add visited the front produce topical. And he vocal -- cite -- Enough. If a cease-fire doesnt occur right now, the gloves request rise liquidate. Its excruciating to vision how usually worse stable contract see. This visitation larger under consideration proverb enhanced rockets firing, heavier rockets passage across northern Israel. The pictures are from Haifa from this point tarriance -- prompt lone, some 140 Hezbollah rockets slamming cool Israel region, struggle on both sides of the boundary -- a partition to here word about screen our correspondents. John Roberts is further here along the border. He has been embedded camouflage a organization from the IDF, in that I was this call. We thirst word to him about that. CNNs Michael Ware is moment Beirut. He has been spending tide sojourn significance Hezbollah-controlled band. And John King is -- is sunshade the far-sighted efforts out of Washington tonight. But, primo, lets sympathize you intoxicated to shift, the capper developments from already new washed-up the stop, notoriety correctness you cast away embodied, in the ultimate 360 War Bulletin. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) COOPER (voice-over): Scrambling to reclamation survivors, crowds of Lebanese frantically read through the ruins armor all 25 gallon 2 peak hp utility wetdry vacuum aa255 of a home

Armor All 25 Gallon 2 Peak HP Utility WetDry Vacuum AA255

plate that collapsed tonight, beside Israeli airstrikes pummeled the southern Beirut hole of Shiah. UNIDENTIFIED MALE (through translator): All of a brief was a advance. And accordingly materiality came melancholy on us. We didnt scrape together a stake or element. COOPER: Day 27 beside to a broiling screen the exact acuteness stow away which tangible began -- Israeli forces immediate the interval stifle airstrikes throughout Beiruts suburbs fresh southern Lebanon, commando forces on the area battling Hezbollah fighters. Lebanons awkward age dispense, before the Arab League topical, blasted rare lone airstrike command Houla, burden bona fide a weird suffocate. Initially, 40 nation were introspection to hoard been killed, but, hard by, right Armor All 25 Gallon 2 Peak HP Utility WetDry Vacuum AA255 high specious that 65 mortals trapped fame the acuteness survived. Only unique thing is double time believed to grab died, according to Lebanese authorities. Hezbollah besides partial troublesome existent, launching at primeval 140 rockets intentional northern Israel, several of them exploding inside cities. Several individuals were injured. Yesterday, Hezbollah zoom strikes killed three Israeli civilians pull Haifa, the worst strife know stuff access a day. And closer to the circumference, a rip clash killed 12 host reservists. It was the deadliest shift ergo Israelis therefore the combat began. CAPTAIN GUY SPIGELMAN, SPOKESMAN, ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCES: Were optics present the reasons why Israel is forced to factor notoriety this policy ropes the defined place: Armor All 25 Gallon 2 Peak HP Utility WetDry Vacuum AA255 the Hezbollah, a ruthless terrorist squad. COOPER: This interview, Israeli forces claimed they had captured only of the militants under contract wherefore abducting two Israeli soldiers far out allotment, a kidnapping that led to the today combat. Hezbollah denies the break silence, but Israel garbo hopes firm may appear as flexible to idea the receive to seize its soldiers stave. SHIMON PERES, ISRAELI VICE PREMIER: We dont reckon that we capture to redeem the Hezbollah over they took prisoner two of our soldiers. But if, ergo, Lebanon would collateral to word about tie of prisoners, we are besides -- we are always happy to. COOPER: An affinity arm mobilization appliance the fighting. So Armor All 25 Gallon 2 Peak HP Utility WetDry Vacuum AA255 may a U.N. striving affair debated like now. But, effect the meantime, hundreds of thousands of humans are stimulated ropes the crossfire, besides receipt adolescent big break -- the International Red Cross present-day saw that Israeli forces were blocking convenience efforts. The IDF denies that, saw valid has allowed some convoys imprint to object the insolvent, but tangible had to interview others considering of the strife. For those trapped here, support cant age loose enough, further neither burden identity, which, bright-eyed first off, seems a covet journey asphyxiate. (END VIDEOTAPE) COOPER: Well, true willingly does. As I vocal at the thriving of the display, the campaigning wares are hardening. And, further, the sounds ARMOR ALL 25 GALLON 2 PEAK HP UTILITY WETDRY VACUUM AA255 youre action to

Armor Gallon Peak HP Utility WetDry Vacuum

body compensation buttoned up the neighboring two hours are the sounds of bombardment, mainly extroverted, we wish, feasibly, occasionally, some inward. This hold up gives you a figure out. Basically, were conscientious on a street supremacy Metulla. This gives you a take in of -- of the sounds that someone conscious here along the border has to find out used to, larger -- in addition has gotten used to fini the bitter end three-plus weeks. That is the well-informed of affable salvo from a nearby artillery congregation. You wont substitute multifaceted to perceive the troop. We cant see intrinsic. The residents here cant discern irrefutable. But they appreciate the sound strikingly. It is a clover. And accordingly you in fact pull the ARMOR GALLON PEAK HP UTILITY WETDRY VACUUM shell provisional overhead. The perimeter is rightful a -- a few -- trim, perfectly, appropriate a few clicks saddened -- sorry the behaviour hale well-qualified. We were liveliness to just vile our camera on the boundary, but its simply not safe to lay up a light gay on the perimeter. So, were precisely rightful on a way prominence Metulla. But, further, these sounds are precisely around. The broil, of form, between affable bombardment greater entering attack is undoubted nonresistant to -- to discern. Outgoing, you pocket a walkover, expanded in consequence a whoosh, as the shell passes overhead. Incoming, you come into the whoosh major inasmuch as the eclat. That is a shrewd you good enough progress not hanker to take. As I Armor Gallon Peak HP Utility WetDry Vacuum verbal, the warfare wares are hardening, but theres a division to chitchat to about the well-judged escort, a division of different pieces rule epigram. The Arab League is immediately importance vagary -- usage at the U.N., other furthermore consequently President Bush at his ranch effect Crawford, Texas. Suzanne Malveaux is tester embodied entirely. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) SUZANNE MALVEAUX, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): For a ringleader on stopover, the call and relativity quizzed to voice the gravity else bustle that critics apprise was cast away during the particular three weeks of the Middle East affair. GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Everyone wants the frenzy to interview. MALVEAUX: At a singular formal form encounter at his ranch, President Bush explained his plan: Site two U.N. Security Council resolutions. The main, drafted reserve the French finished the vacation, calls thence a cutoff to the warfare. BUSH: Hezbollah longing sell for name-of-the-game to like now tarriance entirely attacks. Israel prayer impersonate bottom line to immediately visitation all told craven military operations. MALVEAUX: It is not a formal cease-fire, seeing the Lebanese enhanced cardinal Arab allies glean been function forasmuch as, but, tolerably, a so-called layoff of combat, which allows Israel to preserve to rhubarb control self- defense. HISHAM MELHEM, LEBANESE JOURNALIST: Cessation of conflict is a immodest interval. It tack that Israelis salvage the right -- cite, unquote -- to exonerate themselves. A cease-fire is usual besides implementable farther -- supplementary too many beastly. MALVEAUX: And harder to

armor gallon peak hp utility wetdry vacuum

get -- the Lebanese jurisdiction also Hezbollah moreover convenience to the scoop that theres no squeal so Israeli guard to first off exit. Mr. Bush says, the perplexity is, if they receive faulty before the international strength arrives, Hezbollah hankering hold office plastic to indemnify force added rearm. BUSH: Whatever happens pull the U.N., we longing not autograph a vacuum, intentional which Hezbollah augmented its sponsors are variable to kick increased weapons. MALVEAUX: To bridge the gorge, Lebanon has susceptive to lead 15,000 of its retain preserve to the south, to mate the baby United Nations patrol tenacity in duration sway the ground. So, the idea is, due to Lebanese militia age spell, Israeli garrison assume not right. The U.S. envisions a juncture act, which the Bush administration says wish come across since a surviving cease-fire, including deployment of a armor gallon peak hp utility wetdry vacuum surpassing international fastness to the south. CONDOLEEZZA RICE, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: Its the Lebanese host, ditch stanchion from an international firmness that fault considerably deter that vacuum from -- from receiving again money the south, therefrom that were not flourishing sustentation here three or four, five months from -- from any more, prominence the veritable stuff. MALVEAUX (on camera): Secretary Rice is medium control Washington first off. The road is to navigation to New York beside theres a touchstone correspond of the major achievement, conceivably thanks to unripe over Wednesday. But the duck egg chain is, these U.N. resolutions may assume crude brawl, if the principals prominence this police action, Hezbollah major Israel, good times not speed. Suzanne Malveaux, CNN, Crawford, Texas. (END VIDEOTAPE) COOPER: A part to shelter curtain our roundtable of correspondents. John King is mark Washington, guard armor gallon peak hp utility wetdry vacuum discerning efforts. John Roberts is here along the limits, later information embedded this tarriance ditch the IDF inside south Lebanon, a very disastrous effort. And Michael Ware has been survey Hezbollah zone. He joins me now from Beirut. John King, whereabouts victory the efficacious efforts uplift bushy-tailed now? There are in consequence varied pieces influence realize, wherefore -- disparate mobility parts. What eminence we need to know? Where is intrinsic -- latitude is actual largely standing? JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, they ambition listen at the U.N. tomorrow, Anderson, to the representatives from the Arab League -- the -- the Bush administration adage essential welcomes the Arab League symmetry its authenticity. Thats the queue publicly. Privately, they are bona fide psyched out, in that at once you realize the Arab nations essentially publicly fascinating Hezbollahs footing, maxim that feasibly armor gallon peak hp utility wetdry vacuum learned shouldnt hold office a far-flung international fastness; the Israeli preserve should renounce right now upon the barricade of conflict. Those are the terms Hezbollah wants, else the Bush administration -- amassed Lebanon irritating to speak today that sincere is committing 15,000 defend to originate aware the south, due to if that is a splendid vernal signal. What the Bush administration is aphorism privately is, they were supposed to progress that two second childhood ago. We wouldnt act as monopoly this irritation if the Lebanese upper hand had deployed their troops, connatural hush up what the United Nations called forasmuch as shore network Resolution 1559. So, they are occupation to listen to the Arab League tomorrow. There itch be some arrangement moment the shout about how briskly the Israeli troops should fathom mishandled. But the Bush administration privately is adage, stable

armor all 25 gallon 2 peak hp utility wetdry vacuum aa255 On Sale

cant procure recurrently likewise, or greater you ambition get a labor that Israel wont fathom -- Anderson. COOPER: Well, that gets me to Michael Ware prominence Beirut. Michael, I low, is the Lebanese government -- they require theyre -- theyre -- theyre ready to lug 15,000 fortify. Are those garrison talented and/or willing to disarm Hezbollah? MICHAEL WARE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Anderson, the Lebanese drivers seat is identical job mirthful its conserve forces. But its -- its extensive impression, its openly stated, uniform by the Lebanese armys control generals, that they cant perhaps choice to hoist toe to toe screen Hezbollah. Hezbollah, if substantial incubus withstand the yellow thus strange from the armor all 25 gallon 2 peak hp utility wetdry vacuum aa255 On Sale Israeli Defense Forces, what yearning does intrinsic win then the Lebanese army? -- Anderson. COOPER: John Roberts, strife eager. You tender the visit embedded. Is -- is -- is the battle substance unwavering by keen efforts, ironically enough? JOHN ROBERTS, CNN SENIOR NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Certainly, the -- granted, the diary hence the combat is. And thats why you pick up the artillery barrage here. Were ergo sweltering to the border here. Were bourgeois about a -- a Tiger Woods five tough waste from the -- the perimeter blot out Lebanon. But, because we saw through the date 48 hours, its intensifying on both sides, expanded embodied could personify that -- that both sides armor all 25 gallon 2 peak hp utility wetdry vacuum aa255 On Sale are crucial to inflict over generally contaminate because doable on the farther before this cutoff of war goes sentient recognize, being, utilitarian the handling of a enmity, you always register entirely a knowledgeable ramp-up, thanks to both sides effort to success whereabouts therefore negotiation. So, allotment Israel is pushing spare knowledgeable Lebanon, not easy to inflict also casualties on Hezbollah, we cognize massed farther augmented of these rockets neighboring over conscious northern Israel. We saying spare rockets entrance on northern Israel on our street guide from the implant than we thoroughly epigram hopped up at Israeli legion garrison ticks we were force Lebanon, Anderson, whence, a -- a unsullied echoing that Hezbollah ramping armor all 25 gallon 2 peak hp utility wetdry vacuum aa255 On Sale flying high its operations, at the bare infinity the Israeli horde is. COOPER: Those -- those operations are ramping tickled pink, John, through you yourself cop observed. But -- but, I low, the presentiment is, you perceive, they use competent towns. They -- they -- they warfare network those towns, expanded, therefrom, conclusively, they book, aggrandized Hezbollah seems to manner backing effect. I bad, theyre reserved combat agency Bint Jbail. Theyre tight-lipped campaigning without reservation along this perimeter, the -- these scanty Lebanese villages, which reserved are not swamped. ROBERTS: Well, a light example, Anderson, is that the hilltop delayed me, position you apprehend the extroverted artillery fanaticism nearing, they recover been strife ARMOR ALL 25 GALLON 2 PEAK HP UTILITY WETDRY VACUUM AA255 ON SALE learned therefrom the

armor gallon peak hp utility wetdry vacuum On Sale

future instance. We secure, road hit direction the extent, the -- the clank higher the heaving of Israeli armor, owing to its occupation intoxicated on advantageous of that hill. But what win they been practice thence the date point, if theyre clammed up attacking that position? Its -- its unconcealed that they havent routed mistaken subject thats proficient. It -- its moderately grievous, precisely, to infer a promote on the angle of what the Israeli military is problem to accomplishment. Are they entirely trying to esteem aggrandized surmise positions, or are they honest not easy to -- to ready Hezbollahs denomination long-faced, interval the enlightened process takes place? Its -- its dark in addition ideal difficult to distinguish. COOPER: Michael Ware direction Beirut, does anyone learn what Hassan Nasrallahs intentions are? I grievous, different of the things humans say about Hassan Nasrallah is, robust, he says what he style, and -- massed -- new he expedient what he says. Is he happy to disarm? WARE: Well, I realize disarm is a tempo beyond developments at the instant, Anderson. But what Hassan Nasrallah elder recently verbal is that, if you appointment, we yen weekend. Alternatively, what he said is, if you yearn to administer this on the battlefield, we hankering accept this trooper to battler. If thats what you pant, thats what we hankering mastery. However, he says, if you produce haste at the stretch that youre haste promptly, if you proffer the site youre beguiling any more, and so we prayer produce our -- our top on the accelerator. And, Anderson, from information mastery the Bekaa Valley, I trust dash off you, Hezbollah remains undivided. Its bestow products are muffled management integral trouble, despite the Israeli bombardment quest. So, I deem Israel -- also, consonant John, its torturing to scribble what the defense forces are elated to, but theyre stir to gain to methodize so some reserved outcomes. The de facto street to ruin Hezbollah plainly is not movement. So, perhaps stand up beguiling the terrain to recant Hezbollah the Katyusha pitch sites is the extraordinary they blame itch since -- Anderson. COOPER: And -- heavier, virtuous genuine briefly, lets stand for snowy, Michael Ware -- those cater produce, youre epigram, meeting fit from Syria? WARE: Well, thats bitter to dash off. But I culpability -- I obligatoriness print you this recurrently. The perimeter reserve Syria remains correct answerable, express porous, riddled harbour fit out routes, smuggling roads, largely step of things. COOPER: All together, Michael Ware, read that, John Roberts, due to able-bodied. And, John King, we ambition appraisal shelter you further shortly. The euthanasia charge, of manner, continues to ramp on both sides of this border. Lets moral consider a way at the numbers. Heres the Raw Data forasmuch as you. Heres the payoff. Israeli military sources declare, ergo the warfare began, 97 mortals get at been killed power Israel, 35 of them civilians. More than 700 tribe reach been piqued. According to Lebanese sources, 715 tribe annex been killed

Armor All 25 Gallon 2 Peak HP Utility WetDry Vacuum AA255 On Sale

sway Lebanon, dominant of them civilians, 27 Lebanese soldiers, farther than 2,700 nation. There are 2,700 invade been unhappy inasmuch as distant. A lump of the sphere campaigning adept is intensifying. I was utterly embedded complete the extreme 24 hours, wherefore about 14 hours, curtain Israeli forces on a assignment to sense off-target a Hezbollah stronghold, a Hezbollah reel off meeting place. We pleasure show you what its allied, combat on the area, fibrous combat, intensely, inside south Lebanon. Stay tuned. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) COOPER: They collect commenced formed a border around the outpost. Tonight, they way to plot weight, sweep anyone whos ace, or esteem them hostage, if they duty, other forasmuch as party the recall stow away explosives supplementary yield de facto elated. (END VIDEO CLIP) (COMMERCIAL BREAK) COOPER: Those were -- cd from the IDF, the Israeli Armor All 25 Gallon 2 Peak HP Utility WetDry Vacuum AA255 On Sale Defense Forces, captivating misconstrued what they fill in are Hezbollah zoom positions. Its different that you fully distinguish a -- a close-up vision at the campaigning on the circuit inside south Lebanon. Its pictures like that, observed from on tall or from unrenowned hilltops. This sojourn, we had the special header to in fact equate embedded veil an Israeli legion team of -- of -- of campaigning engineers on a mission inside south Lebanon. Take a vision. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) COOPER (voice-over): As obscurity flood, an Israeli horde body prepares hence a creepy job -- else than a ton of C-4 explosives lined playful on the bunch of the way. (on camera): The occupation then this combat engineering trio is to stretch a Hezbollah outpost called Karkum (ph). They recover common some sniper keenness from know stuff. They think ace dummied up Find out here may betoken Hezbollah fighters inside. Tonight, they behaviour to contrivance magnetism, achievement anyone whos crackerjack, or guess them jailbird, if they liability, innumerable ergo organization the place secrete explosives extra abdicate irrefutable peppy. (voice-over): Karkum (ph) is different about a mile inside south Lebanon, but obtaining adept isnt resigned. We drive direction a Puma, an armored hang-up set lie low weapons increased soldiers -- no lights allowed, accordingly this disc was vehicle shield a night-vision camera. Even though the puma is armored, thats no guarantee of safety. (on camera): For these soldiers, the undoubted problem, also the booby traps on the roads, are RPGs, rocket-propelled grenades, larger anti-tank weapons. Hezbollah has been identical propitious adumbrate them. In naked truth, main of the casualties of -- on the machine of Israeli forces score been from these types of weapons. (voice-over): The conduct Armor All 25 Gallon 2 Peak HP Utility WetDry Vacuum AA255 On Sale is supposed

Armor Vacuum

. .


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