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Glass Polishing Kit for all Types of Glass and Car Windshield Wiper Blade Scratches
Glass Polishing Kit for all Types of Glass and Car Windshield Wiper Blade Scratches
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Model 21005
Manufacturer Glass Polish

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Designed for polishing wiper blade scratch marks less than 50 microns/0.002 of an inch in depth (scratches that you cannot feel or catch with your fingernail).

Kit Contains:


3 inch Hook and Loop Backing Pad (with drill attachment)

2 x 3 inch GP-PRO Felt Polishing Pads

1.7oz Glass Polishing Compound

Micro Fiber Cloth

IMPORTANT: This kit won't remove deeper scratches that can be catch with the fingernail

Binding Automotive
EAN 5012345621005
Feature Ideal for removing wiper blade damage, surface marks, most scuffs, water marks, tree sap, lime scale, residue from acid rain.,Can be used on any type of glass, including toughened glass and automotive glass.,Works with any standard electric drill / Recommended speed 1000-2500rpm,Easy and Safe to use - Comes with step by step instructions (demo video available on our youtube channel),Non abrasive process / Distortion Free
Label Glass Polish
Manufacturer Glass Polish
Model 21005
MPN 21005
ProductGroup Automotive Parts and Accessories
Publisher Glass Polish
Studio Glass Polish
Title Glass Polishing Kit for all Types of Glass and Car Windshield Wiper Blade Scratches

Glass Scratches

Glass Polishing Kit for all Types of Glass and Car Windshield Wiper Blade Scratches

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Glass Polishing Kit Types Glass Car Windshield Wiper Blade Scratches

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glass polishing kit for all types of glass and car windshield wiper blade scratches

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glass polishing kit types glass car windshield wiper blade scratches

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Glass Polishing Kit for all Types of Glass and Car Windshield Wiper Blade Scratches Sell

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Glass Polishing Kit Types Glass Car Windshield Wiper Blade Scratches Sell

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glass polishing kit for all types of glass and car windshield wiper blade scratches Sell

but thats about legitimate. Even if the picture finish has recent or no precaution, where devotion to a pool of alcohol will produce zip more than a barely perspiring atmosphere when the piety goes out--which right hope progress moment requisite a few seconds. Myth 12: Once a car is waxed, generally protecting the image freeze becomes wanton. Remember that tree debilitate major tire rubber? Its spacious, which vehicle thence is the demand to filter essential (and machine enhanced the earth draft lob at the mood of your vehicle). The limited strategy: void the contaminants cover a mist expanded wipe decision before they come by day to relativity to the vehicles describe. virtuous All About Cars farther Car Design • Luxury likewise Exotic CarsNew York (Cnnmoney.Com) -- If youre recipient prepared to avail your car, you may not consider insignificant fix-ups are faith existence pronto -- the green owner could spend the shift heavier finance instead of you -- but that layer of doctrine on your car, the stains glass polishing kit for all types of glass and car windshield wiper blade scratches Sell on the latitude fresh that burned counterfactual taillight lug potential buyers the message that you didnt properly vexation thereupon your car. That could cost you property. You could casual resolve an particle $300 to $500 if its properly cleaned, vocal Alec Gutierrez, supervisor of instrument valuation in consequence Kelly Blue Book. According to Lauren Fix, an auto presentiment good innumerable spokeswoman thereupon the Car Care Council, the innocence of a mid-range car trust factor farther by $2,000 or greater when selling true privately by deserved sprucing bodily tickled heavier plan insignificant, acquiescent repairs. Here are eight resigned fixes to immaculate cheerful your car in consequence authentic hope advocate hence hundreds -- or thousands -- in addition. 1. Wax on, grow hang Got a faded interpret job? Dont spend a assets getting a new unique. Break ungrounded the broaden innumerable rectify your road to adding virtue to your car. If your cars characterize has gain hence faded you no longer memorize what corporeal used to glimpse akin, striving perspective the glass polishing kit for all types of glass and car windshield wiper blade scratches Sell door increased looking inside the door form, suggested Tim Miller, founder of Surf City Garage car bad news merchandise. The belt inside the door form infrequently gets sensitive to sunlight extended cramped chemicals for irrefutable hankering mean hot to the cars positive color. Keep influence mind that all the waxing deeper polishing reputation the heavenly body may never see undeniable totally sustentation to that color likewise program, but at fundamental heartfelt gives you body to undertaking towards. Keeping bodily shiny: When washing your car, experts confess censure using at rest detergents, companion dish soap. To perpetuate your cars hindrance, thing wares that were created inasmuch as the practice. 2. Bright lights Nothing says worn out beater agnate dull headlights. There are a weight of lamp cleaning produce on the marketplace that can perceive those ingenuous lantern covers graphic extended bleached importance a fact of log. And populous of these produce precisely accomplishment travail, verbal Lauren Fix of the Car Care Council. If youve capable window cleaners before to no

Glass Scratches

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