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HG Volvo Cam Crankshaft Camshaft Engine Alignment Timing Locking Tool Set
HG Volvo Cam Crankshaft Camshaft Engine Alignment Timing Locking Tool Set
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Brand huigou
Manufacturer huigou

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Item Descriptions:
-Brand new.
-Volvo Reference numbers: 999-5454, 999-5453, 999-5452, 999-5451.
-Applicable Model:VOLVO models 850, 960, S40, S70 and S90. Popular Applications include 700, 800, 850, 900, 960, C70 Coupe and Conv, S40, S60, S70, S80, S90, V70-2000, V70XC, XC70, V90, XC90 Models: S80 (07-), V70 (08-), S80 (-06), XC90, V70 (00-08), V70 XC (01-) / XC70 (-07), S60, C30, C70 (06-), S40 (04-), V50, S40 (-04), V40, 850, C70 Coupe (-02), C70 Conv (-05), S70, V70 (-00), V70 XC (-00), 960, S90, V90.
-Engine Codes:
Engine: B41XX, B42XX, B52XX, B62XX, B63XX, GB5252S 
Data on the Press Tools (Volvo ref 999 5454)(Threads: 14mmx1.5)
Engine:B4164S, Engine:B4164S2, Engine:B4184S, Engine:B4184S10, Engine:B4184S2,
Engine:B4184S3, Engine:B4184S9, Engine:B4184SJ, Engine:B4194T, Engine:B4194T2,
Engine:B4204S, Engine:B4204S2, Engine:B4204T, Engine:B4204T2, Engine:B4204T2 CVVT,
Engine:B4204T3, Engine:B4204T3 (USA)(CDN), Engine:B4204T4, Engine:B4204T5,
-Engine:B5202FS, Engine:B5204FS, Engine:B5204FT, Engine:B5204T2,
Engine:B5204T3, Engine:B5204T4, Engine:B5204T5, Engine:B5234FS, Engine:B5234FT,
Engine:B5234T2, Engine:B5234T3, Engine:B5234T4, Engine:B5234T5, Engine:B5234T6,
Engine:B5234T7, Engine:B5234T8, Engine:B5234T9, Engine:B5244S, Engine:B5244S2,
Engine:B5244S4, Engine:B5244S5, Engine:B5244S6, Engine:B5244S7, Engine:B5244SG,
-Engine:B5244SG2, Engine:B5244T, Engine:B5244T2, Engine:B5244T3, Engine:B5244T4,
Engine:B5244T5, Engine:B5244T7, Engine:B5252FS, Engine:B5254FS LH 3.2 , Engine:B5254FS M 4.3, Engine:B5254F.

1x 11Pcs Crankshaft Alignment Timing Locking Tools

Item Specifications:
Engine:4, 5 & 6 cyliner
Brand huigou
EAN 5944925238023
Feature PRECISE AND EFFECTIVE: Master Set for Crankshaft, Crankshaft, and Timing Alignment. For properly secure and aligh cylinder head, cam and crankshaft during removing and installation,WIDE APPLICATION: Applicable VOLVO models 700, 800, 850, 900,960, C70, Coupe and Conv, S40, S60, S70, S80,S90,V70 2000,V70XC,XC70,V90, XC90,UNIVERSAL FIT: For either (4), (5), and (6) Cylinder Engines,SPECIAL DESIGN: Specially designed to be used with 1/2" square drive tools,EASY STORAGE: Come with a carry case, convenient for storage and transportation.
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Label huigou
Manufacturer huigou
ProductGroup Automotive Parts and Accessories
Publisher huigou
Studio huigou
Title HG Volvo Cam Crankshaft Camshaft Engine Alignment Timing Locking Tool Set
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