Automotive Parts Feed Ignition Testers RSS Feed Fool-proof Engine Ignition Spark TesterWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 it's weight in gold when a 2- or 4-cycle gas engine won't start, because the first thing you need to determine is whether the problem is no-spark/ignition or fuel supply/mixture. We were fooled ONCE into using a screwdriver to make the spark jump from the cable; DON'T try that at home - it hurts! This great little tool is the no-shock way to get the answer on ignition in about 30 seconds - BEFORE you work yourself to heart-attack stage pulling the rope on your lawnmower/chainsaw/snowblower or burning out the starter. Especially useful since many small engines now have low-oil cutoff or other ignition breakers. Rust-resistant chrome steel shaft, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate body and flexible rubber boot & cable. Internal bulb will last for years but is replaceable if necessary. Dimensions: 6" boot/cable, 5" shaft/light housing; 2.2 oz. Universal fit for all 2- or 4-stroke, single or multi-cylinder gasoline engines. Additional Images: Price: $3.29LAUNCH Creader 4001 OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Scan Tool Car Code Reader for Turning Off Check Engine...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Tech Co., Ltd, founded in 1992, is an experienced company in automotive aftermarket. Concentrated on Innovation, Quality, Efficiency, Profession and Competition, and the spirit of people orientation and continuous innovation, LAUNCH is striding forward along the road of high tech. The OBD2 scanner CR4001 is an entry-level personal car maintenance diagnostic tool with no need to update, even if you are a beginner, you are able to use it easily. It is a cost-effective device used to rectify daily maintenance fault codes. Features: 2.4-inch color LCD screen to display intuitive graphical data Turn off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) Read/Clear DTCs Read data streams Read freeze frame data Read vehicle information (VIN, CIN) I/M readiness status DTC Lookup Notice: NOT available for some cars of JOBD protocol; NO ABS/SRS Diagnoses; NO O2 Sensor Test; Warm Tips: If you have any question about the product, you can contact us by Amazon email, Q&A, or you can get some information on the official website. Specifications: Screen: 2.4" TFT 320*240 dpi color display Voltage Range: 9-18V Operating Temperature: 0℃~ 50℃ (32℉-122℉) Environment Temperature: -20℃~70℃ (-4℉-158℉) Dimension: 120mm*75mm*20 mm (5.6 " *3.4" *1.2") Weight: Additional Images: Price: $33.99OTC 6589 Electronic Ignition Spark TesterWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 for spark on gasoline engines used in import and domestic cars and trucks plus small engines. Additional Images: Price: $21.95Innova 3160e Code Reader / Scan Tool with ABS, SRS, and Live Data for OBD2 VehiclesWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 3160 scan tool is recognized by professional technicians for its many features, while DIYers find it easy to use thanks to its all-in-one screen and easy-to-use hotkeys. The 3160 boasts an array of features such as Check Engine, ABS, and SRS code retrieval, as well as the ability to stream and record Live Data. Additional Images: Price: $340.30T1A In-Line Spark Plug Engine Ignition Coil Tester for Small Engine Vehicles – Diagnostic...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 tools like the T1A Inline Ignition Spark Tester were made to keep your vehicle running in peak condition. Engineered with only the strongest highest-quality materials, the T1A Spark Plug Tester works to troubleshoot spark plug connections, diagnose spark misfire or spark miss, defective contact points, bad cables and more! Features of the T1A Inline Ignition Spark Tester include: Checks for spark ignition, no-start conditions and spark strength at each cylinder Flexible connector hose for secure spark plug connection Delivers accurate diagnosis in just seconds Transparent hose connector for easy-to-see diagnosis Ideal tool for lawnmowers, snow mobiles, leaf blowers & scooters! How to Use the T1A Inline Ignition Spark Tester: 1. Remove the spark plug from the spark plug hole. 2. Take the T1A Inline Ignition Spark Tester's indicator end and connect it to the spark plug wire boot. Connect the other end to the spark plug through the spark plug hole. 3. Test the spark by starting your engine. Watch the see through window in the T1A Inline Ignition Spark Tester for timing irregularity. Sparks that jump the electrodes are inconsistent and indicate that you need to replace the plug. If you are testing a no-start condition, have a friend crank the engine. Stop losing power to your engine! The T1A Inline Ignition Spark Tester analyzes engine stumble, power loss and excessive smoke emission. Just follow the 3 simple steps above to check if your spark plugs are missing or misfiring. NOTE: Dirty, clogged spark plug holes can cause a loss of spark. If engine power loss is a problem for you - pick up a T1A Double-Ended Thread Chaser today, too! by TruBuilt 1 Automotive   Additional Images: Price: $6.53Car Battery Tester, TT TOPDON ArtiBattery101 12V 100-2000 CCA Automotive Analyzer-Cranking Test,...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 is a new team who are dedicated to focus on product development and innovation and attach due importance to user experience by producing well-designed, well-made, well-treated products. ArtiBattery, adopting the advanced conductance testing technology, is to help mechanics find the problem easily, quickly and accurately. Warm Tip: If you have any questions about this product, please consult us about details via email, Q&A or Hotline, or get information on the official website. Notice: SOH: State of Health SOC: State of Charge This tester supports in/out of vehicle test Voltage test range: 8-16 VDC Warranty: 12-month warranty for your any quality problems Features: 1. Battery Test: Measures the actual cold cranking amps capability of the car starting battery, battery healthy state, and common fault of the car starting system and charging system. 2. ArtiBattery 101 is composed of battery analyzer and test cable. 3. Battery Test Result: 1)Good Battery: The battery is without any problem; 2)Good, Recharge: Good battery but low current, recharge before; 3)Bad Cell, Replace: Battery interior damaged, broken cell or short circuit, replace battery; 4)Replace: The battery is almost or already at the end of the using life, replace battery, otherwise, there may be bigger danger; 5)Charge, Retest: Unstable battery shall be recharged and retested to avoid error. If the same test result appears again, the battery is regarded as damaged, replace the battery. Additional Images: Price: $89.99Performance Tool W2977 CAN OBD II Scanner Tool for Check Engine Light & Diagnostics, Direct...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool. Additional Images: Price: $26.29OBDII Automotive Code Reader KONNWEI KW680 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanner Full OBD2/EOBD Functions Car...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 OBDII EOBD code scanner is a great upgrade, it allows DIY mechanic or car owners to verify repairs, check state emission monitor status and solve basic engine problems quickly and efficiently. KW680 OBDII Scanner Functions and Features: 1. Works on most 1996 US-Based, 2001 EU-based and Asian cars. Supports all OBDII protocols. 2. Easily determines the cause of the vehicle engine system. Turns off Check Engine Light, clears trouble codes and resets monitors. 3. Reads freeze frame data such as vehicle speed, air flow, fuel t rim, and engine coolant temp,etc. when an emission-related fault occurs. 4. Views live PCM data stream with text and graph, Reads live O2 sensor and evaporative control system test result data. 5. Reads the result of on-board diagnostic monitoring tests for specific components to see if the component of engine system is damaged or not. 6. Displays vehicle information, such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number),CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration Verification Number). 7. Warm Tips: Please keep your vehicle's ignition ON when you are going to test your car.How to Update Software Print Out Diagnostic Report ? 1. Keep pressing any button of the s canner, then connect it to your PC with the included USB cable. 2. Search online the website: www. which will be displayed on the scanner screen when connected. 3. Download the software online and i nstall it on PC for updating and printing. Easy to o perate. 4. Supports updating on Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win10 with USB cable, Not Support MAC Computer.Package Include:1 * KW680 OBD 2 Scanner1 * OBDII Cable and USB Cable1* User Manual Additional Images: Price: $78.99GearWrench 2756D Ignition Tester Calibrated For HEI IgnitionsWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Ignition Tester is Calibrated for High-Energy Systems • Accurately check for spark in ignition systems without removing spark plug from engine. • Testers verify that energy is sufficient for spark plug to fire. • Attach spark plug wire to tester end. • Clamp tester to engine as ground. • Crank engine and check for spark. Additional Images: Price: $11.71OBD2/EOBD Scanner, TT TOPDON AL201 Auto Code Scanner Check Engine Code Reader with O2 Sensor Test,...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 is a new team which focus on product development, innovation and user experience. Being consumer-centric and product-centric, each product is well-designed, well-made, well-treated.Features:1. Read Vehicle Identification Number(VIN), which may be abraded on the engine. This function is of great help if you lose your car keys2. Read current, pending and permanent Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)3. Clear DTCs4. Read live data when the engine is running to make sure it works fine5. Read freeze frame data which is saved when troubles happen and helps you find the problem6. O2 sensor monitor, on-board monitor test and I/M readiness status reading will check the emission problems to help you get rid of fines7. Turn off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) to keep engine working normally8. Complete DTCs Lookup enables you to find exact problems in the OBD system9. Save Money: find and fix some problems yourself, do not have to take your car to auto service center every time and spend much money on turning off the engine service light10. OBDII cars includes: USA cars after 1996; Europe cars after 2002; Asia cars after 2008Notice: 1) Works on vehicle with 12V battery ONLY 2) Must be 16 PIN OBD II protocol 3) DTCs defined by manufacturer such as DTC start with P1 not P0 have no definition in AL201 4) AL201 doesn't work on ABS & SRS systems Warm Tips: If you are not sure if it works on your car, please consult us via email, Q&A or Hotline, get technical support on our official website.  Package List: 1 * Main Unit 1 * Quick Start Guide 1 * USB Cable Additional Images: Price: $59.99